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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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Certificate in Fitness Assessment and Exercise Counselling - Health

School of Kinesiology and Health Science
Norman Gledhill

Admission: Students must be degree candidates in Kinesiology and Health Science or students with previously completed Kinesiology related degrees. Application to the certificate program may may normally be made after completing a minimum of 24 credits (including AS/SC/KINE 1020 6.00).

Required Courses (21 credits):

HH/KINE 3400 3.00
HH/KINE 3575 3.00
HH/KINE 3640 3.00
HH/KINE 4400 6.00
HH/KINE 4430 3.00
HH/KINE 4900 3.00

Plus three credits selected from the following courses:

HH/KINE 4455 3.00
HH/KINE 4460 3.00
HH/KINE 4470 3.00
HH/KINE 4475 3.00


HH/PKIN 8060 0.00

Course Substitutes

The School of Kinesiology and Health Science does not recognize any course substitutes for its academic course requirements. Students who complete a course offered by another unit or program that is a course exclusion with a kinesiology course must replace the corresponding kinesiology course with another kinesiology course of equal or greater credit value at the same year level or higher.


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