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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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Education - Glendon

Note: In addition to the following information on the BEd program and Glendon, full statements on the Faculty of Education appear in the Faculty of Education section of this calendar.

Coregistration in the Faculty of Education and the Glendon Campus

The Faculty of Education offers concurrent undergraduate programs on the Keele campus for students simultaneously enrolled in other undergraduate Faculties (including Glendon) leading to the bachelor of education degree (BEd). Generally, students are coregistered over a period of three years during which they take 30 credits in the Faculty of Education to earn the BEd degree.

The Faculty also offers a full- and part-time consecutive undergraduate program (BEd) at several on and off-campus sites (including Glendon) for prospective teachers who have already graduated or are about to graduate, in another discipline.

Students interested in the Concurrent or Consecutive BEd programs will find complete information on eligibility, procedures, standards and other relevant matters in the Faculty of Education section of this calendar.


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