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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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Certificate Program in the Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language (D-TEIL) - Glendon

The English Department offers a Certificate in the Discipline of Teaching English as an International Language.

Admission Requirements

Candidates must:

  • be enrolled at Glendon or another Faculty of York University


  • have completed a university degree at an accredited institution.

Note: You may be granted advanced standing for 2000- and 3000-level equivalent courses taken elsewhere.

Applicants without a university degree may apply as provisional students.

Note: If, at a later date, students opt to pursue a degree, it may be possible to apply these credits to a degree.

Program Requirements

This certificate consists of 24 credits to be taken from the following:

Mandatory courses

GL/EN 2608 6.00
GL/EN 3603 3.00
GL/EN 3606 3.00
GL/EN 4595 6.00
GL/EN 4695 3.00

Three credits to be chosen from:

GL/EN 3632 3.00
GL/EN 3604 3.00
GL/EN 3650 6.00
GL/EN 3655 6.00

Note: A minimum grade of C+ is required in each of the above courses. Not every course is offered every year. Please refer to the English Department mini-calendar for current offerings.


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