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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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BES Certificate Programs

While working towards the completion of their BES degree, students may opt to pursue a certificate in addition to their degree program. Students can choose from one of three areas: geographic information systems and remote sensing, community arts practice, or refugee and migration studies. In order to do so, students are required to complete a number of required and elective courses, in addition to completing other degree requirements. Contact the FES Office of Student and Academic Services, room 137 Health, Nursing and Environmental Studies Building, for more information on applying to these certificate programs.

Minimum Requirements for Multiple Certificates

Students may acquire more than one certificate during the course of their studies provided that at least 18 credits in each certificate program are unique to the specific certificate.

Residency Requirements

The University residency requirement for undergraduate certificate programs is 18 credits for certificate programs requiring up to 36 credits, and 50% of the required credits for certificates comprising more than 36 credits. Normally, for undergraduate certificate programs requiring 18 credits or less, all credits are completed at York.

Certificate in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing

York University degree candidates and non-degree students may earn a Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing. GIS and Remote Sensing encompasses the art, science and technology involved in collecting and managing geographically-referenced information.

Required Courses (24 credits):


Elective Courses:

Note: Students intending to pursue the GIS certificate with the Faculty of Environmental Studies should enrol in ES/ENVS 2009 3.00 in their second year of study.

Other Requirements:

Students working towards this certificate must:

  • maintain a cumulative grade point average of 6.0 (B) in the certificate required courses and achieve a cumulative grade point average of 5.0 (C+) in all courses; and
  • register in the program after completing 24 credits.

Students who have been exempted from any of the required courses or non-degree students who have successfully completed the equivalent of any of the required courses must substitute additional credits from the certificate program elective courses list, for an overall total of 24 credits in the certificate program.

Certificate in Community Arts Practice (CAP)

Students enrolled as majors in the Faculty of Environmental Studies or in the Faculty of Fine Arts may choose to enrol in the cross-disciplinary Certificate in Community Arts Practice. Students from other Faculties may choose to enrol in the program through one of the co-sponsoring Faculties. The certificate may be completed either concurrently with a degree program, or completely separate from an active degree program. Candidates who previously completed an undergraduate degree in a related field must have a minimum grade point average of 5.0. As well, individuals without an undergraduate degree but have previous relevant work experience may also apply to this program. Consideration of non-degree applicants will be based on the level and appropriateness of their work experience and applicants may be invited to an interview by the program coordinator.

The certificate prepares students to collaborate with communities to make art of all forms, to express diverse identities, to explore and take action on social and environmental issues. Students develop artistic skills, deepen their social analysis, and learn to facilitate creative processes with groups working for social change. At the present time, course availability will allow students entering the program on a direct entry basis to complete the required 24 credits over a two year period.

Required Courses (24 credits):

Elective Courses:

Student may choose six credits of elective course from any of the four categories below

A Category Courses

FA/DANC 3259 3.00
FA/DANC 3330 3.00
FA/DANC 4310 3.00
FA/DANC 4330 3.00
FA/DANC 4375 3.00
FA/FACS 2900 6.00
FA/FACS 3920M 3.00
FA/FACS 3950 3.00
FA/FACS 4970A 3.00
FA/FILM 3331 6.00 (cross-listed to: ES/ENVS 3053 6.00)
FA/THEA 4331 3.00/FA/THEA 4331 6.00
FA/THEA 4440 6.00
FA/VISA 3001B 3.00 (Elective for FES students only)
FA/VISA 3021 6.00
FA/VISA 3053 6.00

B Category Courses

FA/FACS 2500 3.00
FA/FACS 2800A 3.00 (Summer 2008)
FA/FACS 3900M 3.00
FA/FACS 4920F 3.00
FA/FILM 2401 6.00
FA/FILM 3310 3.00
FA/FILM 3321 3.00
FA/FILM 3810 3.00
FA/MUSI 1510 6.00
FA/MUSI 1520 6.00
FA/MUSI 1530 6.00
FA/MUSI 1540 6.00
FA/MUSI 1550 6.00
FA/THEA 2600 6.00
FA/THEA 4330 3.00/FA/THEA 4330 6.00
FA/THEA 4450 3.00 or FA/THEA 4450 6.00
FA/THEA 4460 6.00
FA/VISA 2053 3.00 (Elective for FES students only)
FA/VISA 3001C 3.00
FA/VISA 3680 3.00

C Category Courses

FA/FACS 2930 6.00
FA/FACS 3930 3.00
FA/FILM 2040 6.00
FA/THEA 1520 3.00
FA/THEA 2141 3.00
FA/THEA 3290 3.00
FA/THEA 4290 3.00
FA/VISA 2054 3.00
FA/VISA 2055 3.00
FA/VISA 2070 3.00
FA/VISA 2071 3.00
FA/VISA 2072 3.00
FA/VISA 3051 6.00
FA/DANC 2355 3.00 and FA/DANC 2356 3.00
FA/DANC 2510 3.00 A, B, C or D

    A: Sub-Saharan Africa
    B: North African, Middle East, Central Asia and Diaspora
    C: Spanish and Latin American Dance
    D: North American Dance Cultures

FA/DANC 2540 3.00
FA/DANC 3322 3.00
FA/DANC 3330 3.00

Environmental Studies

ES/ENVS 1800 6.00
ES/ENVS 2100 6.00
ES/ENVS 3000 3.00
ES/ENVS 3120 3.00
ES/ENVS 3140 3.00
ES/ENVS 3150 3.00
ES/ENVS 3151 3.00
ES/ENVS 3160 3.00
ES/ENVS 3230 3.00
ES/ENVS 3340 3.00
ES/ENVS 3520 3.00
ES/ENVS 3740 3.00
ES/ENVS 3800J 3.00
ES/ENVS 3900 3.00/ES/ENVS 3900 6.00
ES/ENVS 4100 3.00
ES/ENVS 4120 3.00
ES/ENVS 4140 3.00
ES/ENVS 4151 3.00
ES/ENVS 4161 3.00
ES/ENVS 4420 3.00
ES/ENVS 4750 3.00
ES/ENVS 4900 3.00/ES/ENVS 4900 6.00

Other Requirements:

Students working towards this certificate must:

  • meet the minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) requirement for an honours program.
  • register in the program after completing 24 credits.
  • to receive the certificate, candidates must achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 4.0 or greater in the courses taken to satisfy certificate requirements; and, York students must complete their degree in order to be granted the certificate.

Note: BES students pursuing the CAP certificate are not required to enrol in ES/ENVS 3011 3.00 and ES/ENVS 4000 6.00.

Note: Information on elective courses is available by contacting the Faculty of Environmental Studies and the Faculty of Fine Arts.

General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies

Faculty of Environmental Studies students may earn a General Certificate in Refugee and Migration Studies while, and in addition to, fulfilling the requirements for the BES program. To qualify for the General Certificate, students must complete AS/SOSC 1130 9.00 (International Migration) or AK/SOSC 2000 6.00 (Introduction to Refugee Studies) and three full (or equivalent) courses from a list of approved courses of which at least two full courses (12 credits) will be at the 3000 or 4000 level. The cumulative grade point average in these courses must be 5.0 or higher and BES degree requirements must be met.

FES students must submit a study plan to the education coordinator at the Centre for Refugee Studies (CRS), to ensure that all certificate requirements have been considered. Further information is available from the education coordinator, Centre for Refugee Studies, or the coordinator's academically accredited designate.

Required Courses:



  • AS/GEOG 2310 6.00
  • three full courses (or equivalent) of which 12 credits must be at 3000 or 4000 level.

A list of pre-approved environmental studies courses follows. Other relevant courses may be selected and submitted for approval with the student's study plan, which must be reviewed by the education coordinator, Centre for Refugee Studies, or the coordinator's designate.

Environmental studies courses for the Refugee and Migration Studies Certificate:

Other courses are listed in the Faculties of Arts, Glendon and Atkinson calendars. For more information, please see the Centre for Refugee Studies Web site at http://www.yorku.ca/crs/.


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