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2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
2007-2008 Undergraduate Calendar
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As one of the liberal arts and social sciences, the discipline of sociology contributes to self-comprehension and the understanding of society by developing a body of knowledge concerning its structure, dynamics and symbolic orders. An undergraduate specialization in sociology provides a basis for graduate study and professional careers in fields such as university research and teaching in sociology, law, secondary school teaching, social research, administration and various social services. Though the members of the Department of Sociology teach a wide range of materials and perspectives on society in general and on Canadian society in particular, we take social criticism through theory development, research and teaching to be an essential element of our work.

Not all of the courses listed below will necessarily be offered in any given year. For details of courses to be offered, please consult the sociology supplemental calendar.

Note for Arts students: For all 4000-level sociology courses, students must have successfully completed at least 84 credits. However, pending availability of spaces, third-year Honours students who have successfully completed at least 78 credits who are also taking summer courses may be given permission to enrol.


Note: AK/SOSC 2410 6.00 Introduction to Communication Studies is acceptable as a major course in sociology at Atkinson.

Note: AK/SOSC 4740 6.00 Ideology, Social Policy and the State is acceptable as a major course in sociology at Atkinson.


General Notes:

1. Certain courses listed in this calendar may not be offered in any given year. A mini-calendar will be available in the department office (Room C221) in May.

2. The department reserves the right to limit the number of individual reading and/or research courses that a student can take in both the Honours and the bachelor of arts programs. Departmental regulations concerning the individual reading course and the honours thesis are outlined in the mini-calendar.

Remarques générales :

1. Certains des cours suivants pourraient être annulés d'une année à l'autre. Un mini-annuaire sera disponible dans le bureau du département (C221) en mai.

2. Le département se réserve le droit de limiter le nombre de cours de travail individuel et/ou de recherche auxquels un étudiant peut s'inscrire, soit dans le programme spécialisé, soit dans le programme non-spécialisé. Les règlements gouvernant les cours de travail individuel et la thèse de spécialisation sont décrits dans le mini-annuaire.

Note/N.B. : All courses which have 2 as the first digit of their course number are open to first-year students./Les cours dont le numéro commence par le chiffre 2 sont ouverts aux étudiants de première année.

Sociology is offered by the Faculties of Arts, Atkinson and Glendon.

Faculty of Arts

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