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2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
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Programs of Study

The following degree programs comprise the Health Faculty:

Health Studies

Bachelor of Health Studies with Honours, all majors

Health Studies provides a comprehensive understanding of current health care challenges and the skills to address them, from three different concentrations - Health Management, Health Informatics and Health Policy.

Kinesiology and Health Sciences

Bachelor of Arts with Honours, majoring in Kinesiology and Health Science

Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Kinesiology and Health Science

Kinesiology and Health Science provides a broad curriculum, including practicum courses dealing with game strategy, injury assessment and event management.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing, all streams

Nursing offers four ways to achieve the BScN, including a collaborative option, a second-degree entry option, a post-RN BScN part-time option and a new BScN designed to meet the needs of internationally educated nurses.


Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Honours, majoring in Psychology

Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Science with Honours, majoring in Psychology

The Psychology Program enables you to choose from the extensive range of in-class and Internet courses covering the broad range of health-related topics including cancer care, autism, cardiovascular disease, eating disorders, bullying, clinical treatments, HIV/AIDS, SARS, rehabilitation psychology and depression.


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