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2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
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Glendon College

Glendon is York's bilingual liberal arts Faculty. It is the only institution in southern Ontario where university programs are offered in both French and English. Glendon offers a superior environment for pursuing undergraduate studies. Situated in a park-like setting, bordering the glen of the Don Valley river, the Glendon campus is an oasis of peace and beauty. With a small, close-knit community and excellent student/teacher ratio Glendon students are extremely well-supported in the classroom and outside of their studies.

Glendon is dedicated to the proposition that an undergraduate liberal arts education is more relevant today than ever before. Upon graduation, students must be prepared to evolve in society and understand its workings in order to get involved and contribute in a constructive and positive manner. A good liberal arts curriculum imparts basic skills of study, thought and expression, and stimulates individual curiosity and exploration, both of the inner personality and of the external environment. Glendon is proud of its quality programs that prepare students for interesting careers in fields as diverse as business, commerce, finance, public administration, education, computer science and translation. Glendon offers 20 programs leading to a bachelor's degree, a master's degree in translation and a master's degree in études françaises. Prerequisite courses are offered for the BBA, MBA and LLB programs.

Glendon students may take university-level courses in both of Canada's official languages within the integrated bilingual programs. Students do not have to be bilingual to be admitted to Glendon. All students will study in both languages in order to meet the bilingual requirement for graduation. Students can choose second language courses based upon their level of proficiency and their linguistic goals. Anglophones and francophones from Canada and other parts of the world find what they are looking for in a home at Glendon: a solid, liberal arts education and a thorough knowledge of Canadian French and English language and culture.

With its small size and ideal location in the heart of Toronto, Glendon, operating within the ambit of a big University, can offer students the best of both worlds. The size and cohesiveness of the college mean that students have direct and ready access to professors, fellow students and administrators. In a college of about 2,000 students, relations can be more personal and informal -- less bureaucratic. Glendon students also have the opportunity to study abroad in their third year of an Honours program, at French-Canadian universities or universities around the world, thanks to international exchange programs. Glendon has negotiated formal exchange agreements with l'Université libre de Bruxelles in Belgium, l'Université de Rouen in France, l'Université de Montréal in Québec, Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona and all French Canadian universities outside Québec. Glendon students may also participate in the York University exchange program, which include agreements with more than 20 countries such as Mexico, Sweden, Israel, Japan and Hong Kong.

At Glendon, students may study part time or full time, primarily during the day. Students who are interested in education may coregister with the Faculty of Education to complete concurrent degrees in arts and education. Glendon has also negotiated an agreement with the Faculty of Education of the University of Ottawa and students from the centre-south-west region may now be registered at the University of Ottawa and attend their consecutive BEd program on the Glendon campus.

Student life at Glendon is full of extracurricular activities organized by and for students on campus, e.g. Theatre Glendon productions, the winter carnival, the musical ensemble, poetry nights etc. Students come from all parts of the world to benefit from Glendon's academic excellence, reputation and bilingual culture, and in turn offer us the cultural richness and different viewpoints of more than 80 countries.


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