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2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
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York-Seneca Joint Program in Psychology and Early Childhood Education - Glendon

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York University and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology jointly sponsor a program whereby students interested in becoming preschool or early childhood education (ECE) specialists can concurrently pursue both a BA in psychology at Glendon of York University and an ECE diploma at Seneca.

The BA/ECE program normally requires four years of study. During the first two years the student will complete at least 60 credits at York including a first-year general education requirement, Introduction to Psychology (GL/PSYC 2510 6.00), Introduction to Development: Infancy and Childhood (GL/PSYC 3300 3.00) and at least three more credits in psychology. Application to the program is made in January of the second year and, if accepted, the student spends the following two years completing (a) requirements for the bachelor of arts program on a part-time basis at York, (b) professional ECE courses with Seneca College, (c) approximately 600 hours of supervised field-work in Toronto-area day-care centres. The student finishes with both a bachelor degree and an ECE diploma recognized by the Province of Ontario. For an Honours BA, the BA/ECE program normally requires five years of study. The student will complete 90 credits including the above before entering the program. For the two years spent in the program students are required to select courses from a series of lists, including courses in psychology, sociology and physical education. Seneca courses are all prescribed for the two years.

For further information contact the program coordinator, Dr. E. Bialystok, at 416-736-5118. Information brochures are available in the Student Programs Office, C102 York Hall.

Program Requirements:

Year One

Requirements at York: 30 credits, including general education first-year requirements and Introduction to Psychology.

Requirements at Seneca: None.

Year Two

Requirements at York: 30 credits, including GL/PSYC 3300 3.00 and at least 12 other credits towards the major.

Requirements at Seneca: None.

Year Three

Requirements at York: 15 credits, including appropriate selections from the program lists (see below).

Requirements at Seneca: Four semester-length courses: (ECE 141 (Preschool Methods I), Fall; ECE 111 (Fieldwork Seminar), Fall: ECE 242 (Preschool Methods II), Winter; PSY 343 (Interpersonal Comm.) Winter.

Year Four

Requirements at York: 15 credits, including appropriate selections from the program lists (see below).

Requirements at Seneca: Six semester-length courses: ECE 311 (Integrated Seminar), Fall; ECE 443 (Daycare Administration), Fall; PSY 401 (Child with Special Needs), Fall, ECE 303 (Infant Skill), Winter; RSK 202 (Daycare Activities for School Age Children), Winter; ECE 411 (Integrated Seminar), Winter.

In addition to the academic courses, students will complete approximately 300 hours of field work in each of years III and IV, in a combination of block placements and periods of two half-days per week throughout the year.

List A: Students must take one but no more than one of:

GL/SOCI 2685 3.00
AK/PSYC 3700J 3.00

List B: At least two of:

GL/PSYC 3280 3.00
GL/PSYC 3350 3.00
GL/PSYC 3370 3.00
GL/PSYC 3400 3.00
GL/PSYC 3640 3.00

List C: At least one of:

GL/PSYC 3220 3.00
GL/PSYC 3230 3.00
GL/PSYC 3560 3.00
GL/PSYC 3670 3.00

List D: Students must take one but no more than one of:

GL/SOCI 2560 3.00
GL/SOCI 2920 6.00
GL/SOCI 3220 6.00

List E: At least one of:

GL/HIST 3690 6.00
GL/NATS 3995 3.00
AK/AS/GL/WMST 2501 3.00 (cross-listed to: AS/LING 2410 3.00, GL/SOSC 2900 3.00)
AK/AS/GL/WMST 2504 3.00 (cross-listed to: GL/ILST 2600 6.00, GL/SOSC 2600 6.00)
AK/AS/GL/WMST 3510 6.00 (cross-listed to: AK/SOSC 3380 6.00, AS/SOSC 3130 6.00, GL/WKST 3610 6.00)


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