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2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
2006-2007 Undergraduate Calendar
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Second Degree Two-Year Bachelor of Arts Program in Translation - Glendon

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Besides the Honours degree program consisting of 120 credits, the School of Translation now offers a two-year program consisting of 60 credits, of which 48 are compulsory credits in translation. The 12 remaining credits should be chosen in consultation with the director of the School.

These credits may be chosen as electives from course offerings at Glendon or at the Keele campus and where necessary, may fulfill the general education requirement.

Admission Requirements

Students must hold a recognized 90-credit undergraduate degree.

Students must successfully complete the School of Translation entrance examination. The number of students admitted to the program is limited and is based on results of the entrance exams and previous education and experience.

Required Courses - Anglophones

All of the following courses (45 credits)

GL/TRAN 2210 3.00/GL/TRAN 2220 3.00
GL/TRAN 3210 3.00/GL/TRAN 3220 3.00
GL/TRAN 2250 3.00
GL/TRAN 3260 3.00
GL/TRAN 3270 3.00
GL/TRAN 3310 3.00
GL/TRAN 4210 3.00
GL/TRAN 4225 3.00
GL/TRAN 4370 3.00
GL/FRLS 2240 6.00
GL/FRLS 3240 3.00
GL/FRLS 3241 3.00

*Three (3) additional credits chosen from the courses offered by the School of Translation.

For more information, contact us by telephone 416-487-6742 or by e-mail translation@glendon.yorku.ca.


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