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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Chemistry - Departmental Information

Department Office:

124 Chemistry Building, 416-736-5246

Chair of the Department:

D.R. Hastie

Distinguished Research Professor:

C.C. Leznoff

Distinguished Research Professor and Canada Research Chair:

D.K. Bohme

Distinguished Research Professors Emeriti:

G.O. Aspinall, A.B.P. Lever, H.O. Pritchard

Professor and Guy Warwick Rogers Chair in Atmospheric Chemistry:

G.W. Harris

Professor and NSERC/MDS SCIEX Chair:

K.W.M. Siu


D.R. Hastie, A.C. Hopkinson, E. Lee-Ruff, M. Mozurkewich, W.J. Pietro, J. Rudolph

Professors Emeriti:

J.M. Goodings, C.E. Holloway, I.M. Walker

Associate Professors:

R.K. Allan, R. Fournier, R. McLaren, M.G. Organ, P.G. Potvin, D.V. Stynes

Associate Professors and Canada Research Chairs:

S.N. Krylov, S. Morin

Associate Professors Emeriti:

G. Hunter, C.R. McArthur, C.M. Sadowski

Assistant Professors:

R. Hudgins, D. Golemi-Kotra, P. Johnson, V. Tsoukanova

Associate Lecturer:

M. Hempstead


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