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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Professional Writing

The joint Honours BA Program in Professional Writing is housed in the Department of English in the Faculty of Arts, and offered in collaboration with Seneca College (at its Seneca@York campus). The program curriculum consists of courses offered by the Department of English, the Division of Humanities and the Centre for Academic Writing in the Faculty of Arts, and by Seneca College through its School of General Education and English, its School for Communication Arts and its Centre for Professional Communication. Graduates of the program will receive an Honours BA degree in professional writing from York University.

Combining historical and theoretical analysis of written expression with the development of practical expertise in creating, managing, coordinating and presenting written information in a constructive and dynamic fashion, the Professional Writing Program includes courses in the history and process of the book, in magazine writing, and in communications within institutions alongside courses in editing, copyediting, document design and multimedia technologies. As well, students in the Professional Writing Program will have the opportunity to select a second field of study to complement the background and skills developed in the writing program. Graduates of the program will possess the knowledge and abilities to pursue many future possibilities in the writing field including positions in publishing, the media, business, journalism, government, community service and the arts.

Subject to program requirements and degree credit equivalent/exclusion and in-Faculty regulations, students may complete courses offered outside of the Faculty of Arts for credit in professional writing.

Note: For purposes of meeting program requirements, all foundations courses will count as six credits towards the major.

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