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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Political Science


The political science curriculum offers students a program of study that highlights the department's particular strengths. The program is designed to develop a student's ability in three areas: 1) Political analysis: Students will learn to think critically about political life, especially in relation to the use and abuse of power, rights and responsibilities, different forms of diversity, and communities and nations in a global context. 2) Critical skills: The program emphasizes the development critical skills that will be an asset for future employment, including effective written and oral communication skills, analytical and numerical skills, and collaborative skills. 3) Democratic awareness: Students will learn how power and authority are exercised, and the possibilities of acting politically to bring about change.

The department offers a broad range of courses that focus on different themes. Students who major or minor in political science may choose to focus on one theme, or may take courses from several of the following themes:

  • Canadian Democracy in the North American Context;
  • Development, Inequality and the Global South;
  • Gender, Diversity and Inclusion;
  • Global Politics;
  • Law, Social Justice and Ethics;
  • Political Economy and Political Power;
  • Political Organizing and Communication;
  • Political Thought;
  • Public Policy and Administration;
  • Violence and Security.

In their final year of study, all political science majors and minors will take a capstone course that allows for reflection on their program of study and application of this knowledge to career and life goals. For further information regarding the capstone courses, please consult the departmental supplemental calendar or Web site.

A number of 1000- and 2000-level courses are also available to those students who wish to deepen their knowledge of political issues. As well, many of the upper-level courses are also open to non-majors who wish to further explore various political issues. For more detailed information, please consult the departmental supplemental calendar or Web site.

The Political Science Program equips students with a broad set of analytical skills, critical skills and democratic awareness that gives our graduates the opportunity to pursue employment in a range of areas, including: the public service, international agencies, advocacy organizations, the media, and political organizations. Graduates of the program will be especially qualified to pursue graduate work in political science, or further studies in law, education or journalism.

The department also offers Specialized Honours BA degree programs in Public Policy and Administration and Global Political Studies. For details, please consult the Faculty of Arts Programs of Study section of this calendar.

Subject to program requirements and degree credit equivalent/exclusion and in-Faculty regulations, students may complete courses offered outside of the Faculty of Arts for credit in political science.


Not all courses listed are offered in any given year. A more specific and up-to-date description of courses and their instructors is available from the department. Students are strongly advised to consult the supplementary calendar.

Tous les cours indiqués ici ne sont pas nécessairement offerts chaque année. Une description plus détaillée, mise à jour avec le nom de l'enseignant, est disponible auprès du département. On recommande très vivement aux étudiants de consulter le mini-annuaire du département.

Note/N.B. : Courses which have 2 as the first digit of the course number are open to first-year students./Les cours dont le numéro commence par le chiffre 2 sont ouverts aux étudiants de première année.

Political science is offered by the Faculties of Arts, Atkinson and Glendon.

Faculty of Arts

Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies


Courses offered in Political Science
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