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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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"Philosophy is to be studied, not for the sake of any definite answers to its questions, since no definite answers can, as a rule, be known to be true, but rather for the sake of the questions themselves; because these questions enlarge our conception of what is possible, enrich our intellectual imagination and diminish the dogmatic assurance which closes the mind against speculation; but above all because, through the greatness of the universe which philosophy contemplates, the mind also is rendered great, and becomes capable of that union with the universe which constitutes its highest good." (Bertrand Russell)

Subject to program requirements and degree credit equivalent/exclusion and in-Faculty regulations, students may complete courses offered outside of the Faculty of Arts for credit in philosophy.

Faculty of Arts 1000-level philosophy courses provide a general introduction to philosophy, but are not required for philosophy majors or minors.

Faculty of Arts 2000-level philosophy courses are introductory in nature (and thus open to all students), but they focus on specific areas of philosophy.

Faculty of Arts 3000-level philosophy courses have prerequisites on a course-by-course basis. The prerequisites may include a specific course or courses, or the completion of a specified number of philosophy credits. For more detailed information, please see below.

All Faculty of Arts 4000-level philosophy courses have a general prerequisite of at least nine credits in philosophy. Some courses also have specific prerequisites. For more detailed information, please see below.


Note: Courses hich have 1 or 2 as the first digit are open to first-year students. Students should note that any of the courses which are open to first-year students can serve as an introduction to philosophy. Students should consult the Glendon Philosophy Department mini-calendar available in the department office, C221, York Hall (telephone: 416-487-6733), to obtain the complete list of courses and descriptions of yearly course offerings./Les cours dont le numéro commence par le chiffre 1 ou 2 sont ouverts aux étudiants de première année. Les étudiants doivent noter que tous les cours ouverts aux étudiants de première année peuvent servir de cours d'introduction à la philosophie. Les étudiants doivent consulter le mini-annuaire disponible au bureau du département au C221, Pavillon York (téléphone : 416-487-6733), afin d'obtenir la liste complète des cours offerts et leur description.

Philosophy is offered by the Faculties of Arts, Atkinson and Glendon.

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