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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Certificate in Non-profit Management

York University students may earn a Certificate in Non-profit Management concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for a bachelor's degree. This certificate is open to students in all undergraduate faculties except for students enrolled in the Schulich School of Business bachelor of business administration program or the Atkinson bachelor of administrative studies program. Students may not earn both a Certificate in Business Fundamentals and a Certificate in Non-profit Management.

To qualify for the Certificate in Non-profit Management, students must complete 33 credits from a list of approved courses, with a cumulative grade point average in these 33 credits of at least 5.0 (C+).

Application to the Certificate in Non-profit Management may be made only after successfully completing at least 54 credits and the successful completion of the following course requirements with a minimum overall grade point average of 5.0 (C+).

Faculty of Arts

Listed below are required courses for the Certificate in Non-profit Management offered by the Schulich School of Business.

SB/NPMG 3100 3.00 Introduction to the Non-profit Organization

This course serves as a general introduction to the non-profit sector and to the external environment of organizations that operate in this sector. The course explores the historical roots and the social, political and economic function of the non-profit sector in Canada, as well as in other countries and traditions throughout the world. It examines the legal and policy environments in which non-profit organizations operate and issues with respect to governance and accountability.

SB/NPMG 3200 3.00 Accounting and Finance for Non-profit Organizations

Managers in non-profit organizations need to interpret and use financial information. This course will provide students with the fundamental conventions, standards and basic techniques used in collecting and using financial information in organizations. Degree credit exclusions: AS/ECON 3580 3.00 Financial Accounting and AS/ECON 3590 3.00 Managerial Accounting. Students who have successfully completed AS/ECON 3580 3.00 and AS/ECON 3590 3.00 may not enrol in SB/BFND 3200 3.00, and are therefore exempt from this requirement.

SB/NPMG 4100 3.00 Non-profit Marketing

This course examines the relationship between non-profit organizations and their external constituencies. The course includes an introduction to marketing theory and practice, and the application of these concepts in a non-profit setting. The scope of the course includes specialized topics in social marketing, volunteer marketing, fundraising and philanthropy and advocacy. Degree credit exclusion: SB/BFND 4100 3.00.

SB/NPMG 4200 3.00 Organizational Behaviour and the Non-profit Organization

This course is designed to develop students' organizational competence. It examines the relationships between organizational performance and the behaviour of individuals, groups and overall organizations. The course introduces human resources management, with a particular focus on the culture and structure of non-profit organizations. Emphasis is given to the importance of interpersonal issues and to issues arising from workforce diversity, ethical challenges, funding pressures and technological change.


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