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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Mathematics (see also Mathematics and Statistics)


Note: AK/MATH 1000-level courses are part of Atkinson's general education requirement. General education courses do not fulfill elective requirements.

Mathematics general education courses are suitable for all students regardless of mathematical background. The emphasis in these courses is on ideas and their cultural implications. The exception is AK/MATH 1710 6.00 where a preliminary knowledge of elementary algebra is necessary. The focus of AK/MATH 1710 6.00 is on mastering the skills and knowledge essential for in-depth work in any of the mathematically related disciplines; administrative studies, computer science, economics or natural science.

Note: Mathematics courses listed in the major/elective section of the calendar do not fulfill the mathematics/modes of reasoning general education requirements.

Major/Elective Courses

Note: For all mathematics courses that are cross-listed with the Faculties of Arts, Science and Engineering, please consult the York University Calendar for alternative prerequisites and additional exclusions.


Most of the first-year courses are offered in French and in English each year. However, courses in the second, third and fourth years are generally offered in English and in French in alternate years. For more information please consult the Mathematics Department mini-calendar./La plupart des cours de première année sont offerts en français et en anglais chaque année. Cependant, les cours de deuxième, troisième et quatrième années sont généralement offerts en anglais une année, puis en français l'année suivante. Pour plus de renseignements, veuillez consulter le mini-annuaire du département.

Mathematics is offered by the Faculties of Atkinson and Glendon. (Mathematics and statistics is offered by the Faculties of Arts and Science and Engineering).

Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies


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