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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Creative Writing

Creative writing is a delayed-entry Honours BA program, and may be pursued as a single major, double major or minor. Students who wish to apply for admission to the program are strongly advised to take one of the following courses among their first 30 University credits:

Note: A maximum of six credits from the courses listed above will count for creative writing major or minor credit.

Students wishing to major or minor in the Creative Writing Program should apply for admission to AS/HUMA 2900 9.00 at the end of their first year of study. For admission to AS/HUMA 2900 9.00 students should submit a 10-15 page portfolio of poetry and prose fiction (fragments of stories will suffice) by April. Students will be eligible to enrol in AS/HUMA 2900 9.00 only after portfolios have been accepted by the Creative Writing Committee.

Students must successfully complete AS/HUMA 2900 9.00 or its equivalent before applying for admission to the Creative Writing Program as a major or minor. Students taking AS/HUMA 2900 9.00 who wish to obtain full admission to the program as a major or minor should submit a 15-20 page portfolio of poetry and prose fiction following completion of AS/HUMA 2900 9.00. Students may also apply for full admission after their first 48 credits and before completion of their first 78 credits by presenting a portfolio containing work in both poetry and prose fiction as evidence of writing experience to that provided by AS/HUMA 2900 9.00. In either case, applicants must also fill out a Creative Writing Program application form. Acceptance of the portfolio by the Creative Writing Committee constitutes full admission to the Honours Major or Honours Minor program.

It is strongly recommended that students in the Honours BA program combine creative writing with another major or minor. Students admitted to the Honours Major or Honour Minor program should attend the advising session provided by the Creative Writing Program, which is normally held in the spring. Please consult the program office for more information.

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