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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Calumet College Courses

Academic Program Office:

235 Calumet College, 416-736-5098

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College Master:

S. Sevigny

Listed below are the 1000- and 2000-level nine-credit foundations courses which are part of the Faculty of Arts general education requirement. These courses introduce students to interdisciplinary study and emphasize critical thinking, reading and writing skills at the university level, and reflect the academic mandate of the college.

AS/HUMA 1650 9.00 The Networked Imagination

This course explores the technological determinants operating today on almost all cultural forms. The main theme of this course is how the nature of digital representation and communication affects the nature of literature, visual arts and music, altering not only the forms and content, but the roles of artist/author and their audiences. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.)

AS/HUMA 2190 9.00 Germany Through the Ages: Culture and Society

This course introduces students to the culture of Germany and the German-speaking countries from a North American perspective. The course takes an intercultural and interdisciplinary approach to key aspects of the literary, artistic, political and social history of these countries. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.) Degree credit exclusion: AS/HUMA 2190 6.00.

Cross-listed to: AS/GER 2790 9.00, AS/HUMA 2190 9.00

AS/SOSC 1000 9.00 Introduction to Social Science

The course considers the distinctive characteristics of modern society including the impact of modernization on the family, religion, economic behaviour, politics and belief systems. It introduces many of the major concepts social scientists use in analyzing how society works. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.) Degree credit exclusions: AS/SOSC 1000 6.00, AS/SOSC 1009 9.00.

AS/SOSC 1310 9.00 Introduction to Communications

This course provides a critical overview of the main issues in the field of communication and media. It examines how forms and processes of communication are implicated in our understanding of the world at both the personal and social levels. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.) Degree credit exclusion: AS/SOSC 2310 9.00.

AS/SOSC 1510 9.00 The Future of Work

This course studies the emerging patterns of work in Canadian society. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the post-war work world, the causes of its breakdown, changing values and identities, and competing scenarios for work, leisure and unemployment. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.)

AS/SOSC 1731 9.00 CyberCities: The Community and Communication in Changing Urban Areas

Technology's impact on cities is examined, with emphasis on institutions and landscapes. Changes of metropolitan form, issues of community formation, and emerging patterns of work, leisure and urban life are explored in the context of shifting modes of electronic communication. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.)

AS/SOSC 1740 9.00 Development of Urban Economies: Comparing Canada and the Third World

This course compares urban economic development in Canada and the Third World in terms of industrialization, urbanization and economic dependency. Themes are: colonial cities and industrial dependence; the multinational corporation, technological dependence and urban employment; urban problems and alternative solutions. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.)

AS/SOSC 2330 9.00 The Economics of Law Policy and Organization

This course considers economics as a form of moral argument. This course considers how economists evaluate existing government policies in a broad variety of areas, including housing policies and rent control, environmental protection and gender equity in the workplace. (This course is affiliated with Calumet College.) Degree credit exclusions: AS/SOSC 3530 6.00, AS/POLS 3310 6.00.


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