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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Certificate in Business Fundamentals

York University students may earn a Certificate in Business Fundamentals concurrent with fulfillment of the requirements for an Honours undergraduate BA degree. This certificate is open to students in all undergraduate faculties except for students enrolled in the Schulich School of Business bachelor of business administration program or the Atkinson bachelor of administrative studies program. Students may not earn both a Certificate in Business Fundamentals and a Certificate in Non-profit Management.

To qualify for possible admission to the Certificate in Business Fundamentals, students must complete 30 credits from a list of approved courses and the cumulative grade point average in these 30 credits must be 5.0 (C+). There are a limited number of spaces available in the Certificate in Business Fundamentals and therefore meeting the minimum requirements for application will not guarantee admission to the certificate program. In order to be granted the Certificate in Business Fundamentals upon graduation, students must be qualified to graduate with an Honours BA (120 credits) and must therefore maintain an overall grade point average of 5.0 (C+) in all courses completed.

Application to the Certificate in Business Fundamentals may be made only after successfully completing at least 54 credits and the successful completion of the following requirements with a minimum overall grade point average of 5.0 (C+).

Faculty of Arts

Listed below are required courses for the Certificate in Business Fundamentals offered by the Schulich School of Business.

SB/BFND 3100 3.00 Management and Business: An Introduction

This course will provide an intensive introduction to the nature and role of business organizations. The role of business organizations in the political economy of Canada will be described. Management functions including planning, decision making and control will be examined, and the major specialized management roles (operations management, finance and accounting, marketing/sales, human resources) will be introduced.

SB/BFND 3200 3.00 Finance and Accounting

Managers in business, as in all formal organizations, need to interpret and use financial information. This course will provide students with the fundamental conventions, standards and basic techniques used in collecting and using financial information in organizations. Degree credit exclusions: AS/ECON 3580 3.00 Financial Accounting and AS/ECON 3590 3.00 Managerial Accounting. Students who have successfully completed AS/ECON 3580 3.00 and AS/ECON 3590 3.00 may not enrol in SB/BFND 3200 3.00, and are therefore exempt from this requirement.

SB/BFND 4100 3.00 Markets and Marketing

This course examines the relationship between the business and a key component of its environment - the individuals or organizations to which it sells products and services. The primary focus of this course is how businesses learn about the markets they deal in, and how they act so as to be effective in attracting and keeping customers and clients.

SB/BFND 4200 3.00 Management Strategy and Implementation

Businesses exist in changing multi-dimensional environments. As social inventions, businesses in such environments need explicit strategy to survive and succeed. This course will identify different strategic options and the environment situations that make those options preferable. It will also examine the organizational design and human resource management implications of various strategic choices.


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