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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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Norman Bethune College Courses

Academic Program Office:

205 Norman Bethune College, 416-736-5164, ext. 22035

Web Address:


College Master:

P. Delaney

Academic Adviser:

R. Kenedy

Science Courses

SC/BC 1800 3.00 First-Year University Seminar in Science

Each seminar course is a small-group (25-student) in-depth exploration of a topic of current scientific interest, led by a faculty member actively interested in the area. The aim is to introduce students to university scholarship in science. One and one half hours per week for two terms. Three credits. Open only to students in their first year of university studies in Science or by permission of the instructor.

SC/BC 3030 3.00 Technical and Professional Writing

This writing-intensive course is for upper-year Science students and others in related fields. Students develop confidence and competence in professional and technical writing. Focus is on communication of complex information in a clear, sensible style. Three hours per week. One term. Three credits. Prerequisite: At least 6 non-science general education credits. Corequisite: Concurrent enrolment in at least one 3000- or 4000-level Science course (or course which is cross-listed with a Science course), or permission of the instructor. Degree credit exclusions: SC/BC 3050 3.0, AS/SC/COSC 3530 3.0.

Faculty of Arts Foundations Courses

Listed below are the 1000- and 2000-level nine-credit foundations courses which are part of the Faculty of Arts general education requirement and are affiliated with Norman Bethune College. These courses introduce students to interdisciplinary study, emphasize critical thinking, reading and writing skills at the university level, and reflect the academic mandate of the college.

AS/HUMA 1905 9.00 Dangerous Visions, Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Culture and Our Scientific Age

This course explores how the medium of science fiction has given cultural expression to changing attitudes towards modern science and technology. Topics include science fiction and the computer, relativity and quantum theory, religious belief, genetics and potential apocalypses. (This course is affiliated with Bethune College.)

AS/HUMA 1910 9.00 Science and the Humanities: Nature and Human Nature

This course investigates how scientific thinking about the place of human beings in nature involves humanistic thinking about the place of nature in being human. (This course is affiliated with Bethune College.) Degree credit exclusion: AS/HUMA 1910 6.00.

AS/HUMA 2915 9.00 Darwin, Einstein and the Humanities

This course is concerned with the origins and impact of the ideas of two of the most significant scientists of the modern era, Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein. (This course is affiliated with Bethune College.) Degree credit exclusion: AS/HUMA 2915 6.00.

AS/HUMA 2920 9.00 Spreading the Word: Knowledge, Technology and Culture

This course explores technologies of knowledge in social and cultural context, examining histories of classification, ethical and political concerns about information, debates over artificial intelligence and artificial life, and the social impact of technologies like the book, telegraph and computer. (This course is affiliated with Bethune College.)

AS/SOSC 2040 9.00 Nature and Human Nature

An enquiry into the biological dimensions of human culture with emphasis on findings of evolutionary theory, zoology and primate studies in order to understand the evolutionary determinants of "primitive" and "modern" societies. (This course is affiliated with Bethune College.) Degree credit exclusion: AS/SOSC 1040 6.00.


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