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2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
2005-2006 Undergraduate Calendar
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<Joseph E. Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies

Degree Requirements

Students interested in any of the following degree programs should contact the school/department offering the program or the Office of Student and Academic Services, 123 Atkinson Building, 416-736-5222.

General Education Requirements:

The following general education requirements are required in all Atkinson degree programs (with the exception of BScN and BSW post-degree programs), and consist of 24 credits at the 1000 level to be taken within the first 42 credits taken at Atkinson as follows:

  • six credits from humanities at the 1000 level
  • six credits from modes of reasoning or mathematics at the 1000 level (see note 2)
  • six credits from natural science at the 1000 level (see note 3)
  • six credits from social science at the 1000 level (see notes)

Note 1: No more than 30 general education credits will count towards a degree.

Note 2: Some degrees and majors require AK/MATH 1710 6.00 (refer to program requirements).

Note 3: Students who have successfully completed humanities, social science and mathematics/modes of reasoning may take a 2000- or 3000-level science and technology studies (STS) course to fulfill the natural science general education requirement.

Note 4: 1000-level general education courses do not fulfill major or elective requirements. Major/elective courses do not fulfill general education requirements.

Note 5: Students entering the BHRM or BHRM (Honours) program with 42 credits or more may replace the social science 1000-level (six credits) general education course with an upper-level social science course (six credits).

Note 6: For BSW (Honours) direct entry, BHRM and BHRM (Honours) degrees, 24 general education credits noted above or 24 credits in accordance with the Faculty of Arts general education requirements as follows: nine-credit foundations at the 1000-level social science or humanities, six credits at the 1000-level natural science and nine-credit foundations at the 2000 level social science or humanities. (Students who take a nine-credit foundations humanities at the 1000 level must then take a nine-credit foundations social science at the 2000 level or vice versa). Note: For BHRM, AK/MATH 1710 6.00 is required for those students who have not completed a grade 12U (new high school curriculum) or an OAC (old high school curriculum) mathematics course or equivalent.

Exception: Students who have successfully completed a Faculty of Arts nine-credit foundations course at the 1000 level will be recognized as having satisfied six credits of course work in the corresponding Atkinson general education area of study and three credits of course work in an elective or equivalent area of their degree program.


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