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2002-2003 Calendar

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Academic Probation

32. i) The academic records of all students are reviewed at the end of each year of study.

ii) Students are placed on probation when they: a) are admitted with a marginal academic record; b) fail to obtain the required cumulative overall average for their year level.

iii) They are removed from probation when they obtain the required cumulative overall average for their year level.

iv) They may proceed on probation in the bachelor program if they maintain a 4.4 average on the courses taken while on probation, even if their cumulative average is below the minimum to be removed from probation.

v) Similarly, they may proceed on probation in the Honours program if they maintain a 6.0 average on the courses taken while on probation.

vi) They are debarred from further registration if they do not satisfy (iii) or (iv) above.

vii) Students who fail to obtain the cumulative average for their year and whose average for the current year is below 3.0, will have failed the year, and will receive no credit for courses taken in that year. The grades will appear on their record but will not enter into the calculation of their cumulative averages. If they wish to continue their studies at Glendon, they must apply for re-admission, and, if accepted, will be placed on academic probation.

viii) Students who are not debarred may petition by the closing date for registration of the next academic session in which they register to have their last year (or equivalent) counted as a failed year. The students would be placed on probation.

ix) Students on probation may not take more than 30 credits in an academic session.

x) Students on probation who do not attain at the end of the first term a cumulative average of more than 3.0 (D+) are required to discuss the situation with their adviser.

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