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2002-2003 Calendar

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BA Honours Degree Requirements

9. i) For graduation with an Honours degree students must have the equivalent of 120 credits and must have obtained the requisite cumulative average in the major and overall. Honours students are eligible to enrol in a year according to the number of credits they have obtained (see below):



Year 1

Fewer than 24 credits

Year 2

Fewer than 54 credits

Year 3

Fewer than 84 credits

Year 4

At least 84 credits

ii) Subject to the selection criteria of the major department(s), students will be registered in the Honours program who, upon completion of each academic session, have a cumulative average as follows:


Cumulative major average

Cumulative overall average













Students who have taken 84 credits, and who wish to proceed in an Honours program must have a cumulative grade point average of 5.0 in their major and 5.0 overall.

iii) Students whose averages do not meet these requirements at the end of an academic session may be given special permission by their Honours departments to continue as Honours students. Otherwise such students will be reclassified as bachelor of arts degree students. No student, however, may graduate with an Honours degree if the student's cumulative overall and major averages do not meet the fourth year requirements.

iv) Authorization of Advising Documents: All second-, third- and fourth-year candidates shall arrange their study plan before the registration period with the department in which they intend to take their Honours subject.

v) Candidates who fail to meet the cumulative overall or major averages for an Honours program will be allowed to continue in bachelor of arts degree studies or to qualify for the bachelor of arts degree provided that their standing is sufficient to warrant this; or they may petition to have their session counted as a failure and excluded from their cumulative overall average. They will then be placed on academic probation (see Regulation 32).

vi) Candidates who successfully completed the third year of Honours degree studies, and who have fulfilled the requirements for the bachelor of arts degree or who expect to have done so on completion of the current session, may be awarded the bachelor of arts degree by applying to the Office of Student Programs not later than January 31.

vii) Candidates who have been permitted to take the bachelor of arts degree in accordance with Regulation 9 (vi) may apply for re-admission to fourth-year Honours studies in the Honours subject(s) previously carried in third year and, if re-admitted, will have their BA degree reclassified with Honours upon successful completion of their fourth-year program.

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