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2002-2003 Calendar

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Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
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Courses of Instruction
Glendon College

Withdrawal from Glendon

22. i) Students may withdraw from the college before the deadlines outlined in Regulation 21 without incurring any academic penalty.

ii) If a student withdraws after the deadlines without approval of the petitions committee, grades will be entered on the student's official record. The student will be placed on academic probation and will be required to apply for re-admission if the student wishes to resume studies at Glendon College in some subsequent session.

iii) First-year students or students on probation who obtain an average of less than 3.0 in two or more courses at the end of the first term will be required to discuss their situation with a Faculty adviser and may be advised to withdraw from the college.

iv) Under some circumstances the college may require students to withdraw involuntarily.

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