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2002-2003 Calendar

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Glendon College

General Information

Liaison Office

The Liaison Office is the welcome centre of the campus, responsible for promoting the college, providing admissions information to potential students, organizing open house events etc. In addition, it publishes promotional materials, participates in career fairs, creates partnership programs with high schools, supports French language and other special events, and visits high schools and colleges across Canada and abroad.

Telephone: 416-487-6710
Fax: 416-487-6813
E-mail: liaison@glendon.yorku.ca
Web site: http://www.glendon.yorku.ca/liaison/


The Leslie Frost Library's collection of approximately 250,000 monographs, 1,000 paper and 10,000 electronic journals and 20,000 government documents are available on open stacks. The language ratio is approximately 70 per cent English, 30 per cent French. Instruction is available on a variety of topics: general research methods, Internet searching, database searching. Students and faculty of Glendon College have full privileges at all the York libraries, giving them access to Canada's third largest academic collection. Most material from the other York libraries can be sent to Frost on a day's notice.


The bookstore is located in Glendon Hall. All required and most recommended books for courses are stocked. All books are priced at the Canadian publisher's or distributor's recommended list price. Any book not in stock may be special ordered. The bookstore also carries stationery and a selection of other items. The Glendon Bookstore has access to the large stock of the Keele campus bookstore.

Glendon Gallery

The Glendon Gallery is a public art gallery located on the Glendon campus. The gallery presents a program of monthly exhibitions. Emphasis is placed on the educative function and contemporary art.

Literature in French and English, as well as guided tours, lectures by artists, curators and art historians complement the exhibition program. Additional information is available in the gallery or by calling 416-487-6859.

Theatre Glendon

Theatre Glendon, in York Hall, is a fully equipped theatrical performance space with a professional technical director. It annually houses a full season of in-course and extracurricular student productions, and hosts visiting professional companies as well. The theatre is the second home of everyone enrolled in drama studies.


Glendon College has two residences, Wood and Hilliard, which together house 401 students in comfortably furnished single, small single and double rooms. There is a large proportion of single rooms open to students in all years of study. Residence is guaranteed to first-year students who meet the application deadline. Applicants who apply early in the summer have a better choice of accommodation.

Each residence is divided into houses of 30 to 40 students; some are designated to be exclusively for women, while others are coed. Please note that all facilities in a house, including its washroom(s), are shared by all members of the house.

Residence rooms are carpeted and completely furnished with beds, desks, dressers, clothes cupboards, bookshelves, chairs, drapes and recycling baskets. Please note that linen is available upon special request. The rooms are designed to encourage personal additions such as posters, wall hangings, plants and the like. Due to a lack of storage space, however, all university furnishings must remain in the rooms. For the safety of all residents, cooking, pets, waterbeds and air conditioners are not permitted in residence rooms.

The residences have kitchen facilities available for a limited number of senior students. Most residents eat in the Cafeteria Glendon, Bistro Glendon or the Sports Bar at the Proctor Field House. Please see the Meal Plan section for details.

Each residence house has telephones and a common room with television. Students also have access to vacuum cleaners, irons, video cassette recorders, pool and billiard equipment and a study room. A resident may have his or her own phone but must arrange installation and billing directly with York Telecom or Bell Canada. Card operated laundry facilities are located in the basement of each residence.

Applications to residence are made through Glendon Student Affairs and Housing Services, 416-487-6844. In the residences themselves, a team of housing professionals endeavour to enrich the experience of residence life, including administrators, night porters, caretakers and dons who act as resource people while helping to foster a sense of community on each floor.

Residence students are at the heart of the academic, social, artistic and athletic life of the campus: part of a cooperative living experience where students of many backgrounds and languages create and administer their own rules to ensure that their rights to both academic and social time are respected. Suggestions and concerns are brought to the Residence Council which is composed of student representatives living in residence.

Summer residence accommodation is also available for students and visitors.

Glendon also offers accommodation for visiting parents and friends during the school year.

Meal Plan

All students living in residence are required to purchase a meal plan. This plan enables students to retain the responsibility for satisfying their own dietary needs within the range of available Ó la carte selections.

The residence fee includes the cost of the meal plan. A debit card, the YorkCard, is issued to each resident student as per the meal plan and can be spent at any University-controlled food service outlet on food and non-alcoholic beverages. At Glendon, the outlets are the modern Cafeteria Glendon, an intimate full-service restaurant called Bistro Glendon, L'Arcade, an on-campus variety store and the Sports Bar at the Proctor Field House. The card system allows for flexibility and choice, and it allows for students to spend as little or as much as they like at each meal. Suggestions and concerns are brought to the Food Services Committee which is composed of student representatives living in residence.

It is unlikely that the amount of meal plan money included in the residence fee will purchase 100 per cent of the resident's food requirements for eight months unless he or she is a very light eater or plans to dine frequently off-campus. Thus, residents will generally need to supplement the meal plan with cash purchases.

Although not designed to satisfy the gourmet palate, the daily fare is nutritious, quite enjoyable and sufficiently varied to fulfill dining needs.

Residence Fees

The residence fees for the 2002-2003 academic sessions are as follows:



Small Single






Meal Plan









































Glendon's athletics program centres in and around the Proctor Field House, located on the lower level of the campus. Facilities include international squash courts, a Spinning« studio, a multi-purpose gymnasium, 25-yard indoor pool, an indoor golf driving range, a fitness studio, and weight room equipped with free weights, universal and top-of-the-line cardio equipment. In addition, a licensed sports bar provides a place to relax and refuel. Outdoors you will find a soccer pitch, tennis courts, baseball diamond and cricket pitch. Change areas and lockers are provided. In addition, fitness testing, massage therapy services and physiotherapy are available at student rates.

Most of the facilities and programs are offered free of charge. Only special services and instructional programs such as Spinning« classes, tennis and squash lessons, karate, hiphop, pilates, yoga, jazz, swimming, Ta´ Chi and Latin dancing, bear a cost. Glendon students are encouraged to play an active part in the York Student Intramural Recreation Council (SIRC), where policy and regulations govern inter-college athletics. For more information regarding Glendon Athletics call 416-487-6717.

Counselling and Career Centre

The Counselling and Career Centre offers a wide variety of bilingual counselling and career services to Glendon students. To make an appointment you can either drop by the centre, located in E103 Glendon Hall, or phone 416-487-6709.

Personal Counselling

Students come to the Counselling and Career Centre with a diversity of problems and needs. Some common concerns experienced by students at university are: living away from home for the first time, work pressures, forming new relationships and confusion over goals and identity. At the Counselling and Career Centre you will find professionally trained counsellors who will listen to your concerns and help you sort things out. All matters discussed at the centre are strictly confidential.

Career Counselling

Career issues are a major concern for everyone. While some students have clear career goals, the majority are not yet sure which career path suits them. The centre offers individual and group career planning sessions to help you explore your interests, abilities and values. Interest tests are also available to assist you with your career planning. In addition there are career information days and employment fairs held during the year.

Group Programs

The Counselling and Career Centre offers workshops on many topics including: avoiding procrastination, stress management, communication skills, weight management, increasing self-confidence, relaxation training, career options, job search strategies, resume writing and interview preparation. In addition, there is a support group for students who have been out of school for a period of time.

Learning Skills

Students often lack a systematic approach to studying and therefore feel overwhelmed by their studies. Throughout the year, the Counselling and Career Centre offers workshops on study skills which include time management, note taking, reading a textbook and exam preparation strategies. You can also make an individual appointment with a counsellor to discuss any of your study problems.

Learning Disabilities Program

For students with learning disabilities, the Counselling and Career Centre provides a comprehensive support/instructional program called SURPASS. The program includes personal, career and learning skills counselling, a peer tutoring program, adaptive technology. The centre arranges with faculty for special accommodations needed for course evaluations and examinations.

Sexual Harassment Complaint Centre

The Counselling and Career Centre acts as a liaison to the Sexual Harassment Education and Complaint Centre located on the Keele campus.

Resource Centre

There is an excellent resource library in the centre, where you are welcome to drop in and browse. It contains educational and occupational information, career planning reference guides, as well as self-help materials on personal issues, job search techniques, resume writing, job interview tips and study skills. In addition, you can access volunteer positions and job postings, an Internet employment site and Discover, a computerized career exploration database.

Writing Workshop

Academic writing is a challenging, complex task which can present numerous difficulties for students. The Writing Workshop provides services in French and English to help students improve their writing skills. It offers short, non-credit courses covering the elements of essay writing: research techniques, organization and development, editing and revising. Students who desire help with their work in progress may book appointments for individual tutoring.

For further information, please call 416-487-6863 or go to 160 York Hall.

Students With Disabilities

The Counselling and Career Centre, 416-487-6709 acts as a liaison office for students with disabilities at Glendon, working in conjunction with the coordinator of the York Centre for Persons with Disabilities 416-736-5140. Most of the buildings and rooms at Glendon are accessible to disabled persons; however students wishing to study at the college or live in residence are encouraged to contact either of the offices mentioned, to discuss their own particular situation.

Off-Campus Housing

Glendon runs an off-campus housing service for students. Housing lists can be mailed to out-of-town students for a small fee. During the school year, all listings received are posted on the notice boards. The telephone number for enquiries is 416-487-6844.

International Students

The Office of the Associate Principal, Student Affairs, 416-487-6716, in conjunction with York International Student and Exchanges Counsellor 416-736-5177, acts as an information centre for international students at Glendon. International students with questions, comments or problems are encouraged to contact the Glendon office at any time. Senior international students are often available to help new students in their adjustment to life at Glendon.

Inter-Campus Bus Service

York University Parking and Transportation Services provides a complimentary intercampus shuttle service between the Glendon and Keele campuses. The shuttle offers four intercampus trips daily between 7:40 am and 10:15 pm on weekdays, with a reduced schedule on Fridays. The Glendon shuttle stop is located outside C-Wing York Hall, facing Hilliard Residence. The Keele shuttle stop is on the south side of the Student Centre.

Glendon Parking

Students, faculty and staff parking vehicles on University property are required to register them with the Glendon College Parking Office, abide by the Parking and Traffic Regulations and pay a parking fee. Application forms for parking space are available from the Parking Office, the Greenhouse, Glendon College. The Parking Office is open during business hours Monday to Friday (416-487-6788).

Glendon Security

In an emergency, call ext. 33333 (or 416-736-5333) for police/fire/ambulance response. Emergency agencies request that 911 calls come directly from Security Services. This enables York Security to meet and escort emergency vehicles directly to the location of the emergency so that valuable time is not lost searching for a particular building or residence.

For non-emergencies, or if you are not sure what to do about a particular crime, concern, or problem, call ext. 66808 (or 416-487-6808).

Glendon Student Security and Escort Service

Student security officers will meet you at parking lots, bus stops, buildings and residences, and escort you to your campus destination. The Student Security Escort Service operates seven days a week, all year round. Hours of operation are: September to April from 6 pm to 2 am and May to August from 8 pm to 2 am. Call the Student Security Office at ext. 66799 (or 416-487-6799) during hours of operation.

Lost and Found

Enquiries should be directed to the Glendon Security Office, the Greenhouse, call ext. 66808 (or 416-487-6808).

The University regrets that it cannot be responsible for items of personal property left unattended on the grounds or within the buildings.

You can find more information about the Department of Safety, Security and Parking Services at our Web site http://www.ssp.yorku.ca.

Student Government

The Glendon College Student Union is the social and political expression of students at Glendon. The union executive consists of a president, a vice-president and six directors (cultural affairs, bilingual affairs, academic affairs, clubs and services, communications, and external affairs) elected during the spring election along with six councillors.

Fall elections are held to elect four more councillors, as well as part-time student representatives and first year student representatives. The Glendon Alumni Association also sends an elected representative.

The two main purposes of the union are, first, to protect the interests of students in the academic and administrative affairs of the college and, second, to coordinate and promote student participation in cultural, intellectual and social activities such as dances, clubs, union meetings and colloquia. The three major events of the year are orientation week (at the beginning of September), the Snow Ball (early in December) and the winter carnival (first week of February).

Please get in touch with us and participate in the union. Student solidarity. Our office is in 175 York Hall, opposite the Cafeteria, 416-487-6720.

Faculty Council and Committees

Faculty Council is the highest academic body governing Glendon College and includes membership of students, staff and faculty. It meets regularly to deliberate on academic issues which concern the college. These may range from policies and planning for the future to academic standards and student petitions.

Most of the committees of the council are composed of an equal number of faculty and students, including those which handle student petitions, the tenure and promotion of faculty, bilingualism and the screening of all curriculum proposals. Student representation on council comprises up to 15 per cent of the total membership. Elections for these positions are held in March of each year.

Clubs and Organizations

There is a wide variety of formal and informal groups on the campus, with interests ranging from poetry to politics. Students and members of the faculty and staff are encouraged to participate in existing activities, and to start new clubs to meet their interests. The Glendon College Students' Union (GCSU) will act as a centre of information and support.

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