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2002-2003 Calendar

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Certificate of Bilingual Excellence

3. i) A Certificate of Bilingual Excellence is awarded to graduating students who successfully pass the Glendon examination of bilingual excellence.

ii) Course Requirements:

To sit for this exam, students must fulfill the following requirements:

English-speaking students must have obtained or be reasonably certain of obtaining a minimum grade of B in 18 credits taken in French. Courses which are acceptable are: GL/FRLS 2240 6.0, GL/FRLS 3240 3.0, GL/FRLS 3241 3.0; French literature courses at any level, and any courses at any level from another discipline of the college which are designated as satisfying the bilingual requirements.
The following courses in translation are also acceptable:
GL/TRAN 2210 3.0 (EN) GL/TRAN 3270 3.0 (EN)
GL/TRAN 2220 3.0 (EN) GL/TRAN 4210 3.0 (EN)
GL/TRAN 2250 3.0 (EN) GL/TRAN 4225 30 (EN)
GL/TRAN 3210 3.0 (EN) GL/TRAN 4230 3.0 (EN)
GL/TRAN 3220 3.0 (EN)

iii) Examination Procedures:

a) Information about registering for this exam is available from the Office of Student Programs. The Glendon examination of bilingual excellence is held once a year in the winter term. To become candidates, students must be in their final year and must submit an application by the annually announced deadline.
b) Eligible candidates take a written and an oral examination which assess their comprehension and expression proficiency in both languages.
c) Candidates who pass both the written and oral sections of the examination are awarded a Certificate of Bilingual Excellence in addition to the bachelor of arts degree.

Proposed New Regulation

For students who have transferred to Glendon College from another university or who are enrolled in another Faculty of York University, courses credited which meet the above criteria will be considered acceptable for the purpose of sitting for the Glendon examination of bilingual excellence, or to qualify for the Certificate of Bilingualism, if they graduate from Glendon.

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