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2002-2003 Calendar

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29. i) Final examinations are held during December for half courses offered in the first term and in April or May for half courses offered in the second term and for full courses. Examinations for students who have successfully petitioned for deferment on the grounds of illness or misfortune will be scheduled by instructors and will take place before the middle of March (in fall term courses) and before the middle of July (in winter term and full courses). Deferred assignments must be handed in no later than the middle of March (for fall term courses) and the middle of July (for winter term and full courses). Petitions for deferred standing must be initiated by the student not later than five working days after the end of examination period for the appropriate term. Faculty legislation specifies that no test or examination worth more than 20 per cent of the final grade will be given in the final two weeks of classes in a term with the exception of classes which regularly meet Friday evenings or the weekend (Saturday and Sunday at any time). Tests or examinations scheduled during the term must be held within the hours regularly scheduled for that course; such tests or examinations may be held in other hours only if no students' obligations are infringed upon. Students have the right to refuse, without penalty, an exam held in contravention of this regulation.

ii) Departments and divisions may waive final examinations by substituting a variety of written and oral tests in courses that do not require the evaluation of a final examination.

iii) All written work, including examinations, may be done in English or French at the candidate's option, except in cases where the use of the language constitutes an integral and essential part of the course concerned. Students will be duly notified of any restrictions concerning the use of either language.

iv) Students should report any conflicts, i.e. two or more examinations scheduled for the same time, without delay to the Office of Student Programs.

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