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2002-2003 Calendar

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Program in Jewish Teacher Education - Concurrent

Candidates in the Faculty of Education's Concurrent Program may pursue the Jewish teacher education option, a course of study designed to prepare teachers of Hebrew language and Judaic studies under guidelines established by the Faculty in consultation with the Board of Jewish Education of Toronto.

Candidates generally enrol in the regular primary/junior program in the Faculty of Education, but it is possible to enrol in the junior/intermediate or intermediate/senior program. During the course of the candidate's professional training, appropriate practicum placements in Hebrew day schools enable candidates to develop teaching skills in Judaic studies leading to certification by the Toronto Board of Jewish Education. Students are also placed in public schools and receive the regular preparation necessary to be recommended for certification by the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training. Teacher candidates in Jewish teacher education under normal circumstances major in religious studies in the Faculty of Arts. Even those students who are not majoring in religious studies are expected to take a coherent program of language and culture courses in Judaica. All students, regardless of major, are expected to qualify for the Advanced Certificate in Hebrew and Jewish Studies (six approved courses with a grade of C+ or higher in each).

Teacher candidates enrolled in the Jewish teacher education program should carefully prepare their academic programs each year in consultation with the program's coordinator in order to be sure that they meet the academic requirements of their chosen programs in the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Arts.

Typical program of study for primary/junior, including required courses. (Candidates enrolled in junior/intermediate should request program requirements from the program coordinator):

1. Academic first year

2. Education I - Common Year

ED/CMYR 2000 6.0 practicum seminar (including two-week block) in public schools

ED/CMYR 2400 3.0

ED/CMYR 2500 3.0

AS/HEB 3210 3.0

3. Stop-out year (For many, study abroad in Israel)

4. Education II

ED/PRJL 3030 3.0

ED/PRJM 3030 3.0

Block: four weeks in schools within the Board of Jewish Education

ED/HEB 2030 3.0

AS/HEB 3320 6.0

ED/EDUC 3400 3.0

5. Education III

ED/PRIJ 3030 6.0 - placement in Jewish day schools

Block: Four weeks in schools within the Board of Jewish Education

ED/HEB 3030 3.0

ED/FNDS 3330 3.0

AS/HEB 3230 6.0

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