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2002-2003 Calendar

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Petitions for Exemptions from the Regulations

The purpose of academic regulations is to allow students to develop their interests and talents to the fullest in ways consistent with the philosophy and standards of the Faculty. In establishing academic regulations, the Faculty also recognizes that instances will arise where it makes sense, in the context of a student's academic career, to waive regulations which would otherwise apply.

Petitions Committee

The Petitions Committee considers requests for exceptions to all Faculty regulations, including petitions to continue their studies without interruption from students who have been required to withdraw or debarred.

Note on Grade Reappraisals

Requests for the reappraisal of final grades are not petitions in the formal sense. Such requests should be directed to the undergraduate program director in the teaching unit offering the course in question.

Right to Petition

Students in the Faculty of Arts have the right to petition for special consideration. It should be noted, however, that a petition is a request for the waiver of a regulation; it cannot be used to create legislation (for example: a degree program) that does not exist. Normally, petitions will not be considered by the petitions committee more than one year beyond the date of the release of grades for the session to which the petition relates.

Petitions Procedures

Petitions are held in the strictest confidence, and brought anonymously to the committee. The committee considers the petition itself, any supporting documents (from professors or medical practitioners), and other relevant information contained in the student's record. Students may not appear in person.

Initiating a Petition

To initiate a petition, students should obtain an instruction sheet and, where appropriate, an attending physician's statement form from the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building, 416-736-5440. Advice on petitioning is available from the Office of the Registrar; from the Office of the Dean, South 928 Ross Building, 416-736-5260; or from the Advising Centre, South 319 Ross, 416-736-5022. Petitions should be brought or mailed to the appropriate committee in care of the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building.

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