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2002-2003 Calendar

Table of Contents
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Environmental Studies
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
Atkinson Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies
Osgoode Hall Law School
Schulich School of Business
Courses of Instruction
Glendon College

Academic Advising and Student Responsibility

The information contained in this Calendar and other publications is designed to be self-explanatory. The Faculty recognizes, however, there may be specific questions about regulations which are not answered here. Those questions should be addressed to one of the following sources of information listed below.

The Office of the Registrar

The office which administers most of the academic regulations contained in the Faculty of Arts section of this Calendar is the Office of the Registrar, located in the West Office Building, 416-736-5440, http://www.registrar.yorku.ca/ This office provides a wide range of administrative services to students, staff and faculty members. Among its functions are:

  • performing general registrarial functions relating to enrolment and record keeping;
  • applying the Faculty's rules on academic standing, including eligibility to graduate;
  • reporting final grades to students; producing official University transcripts;
  • advising students about petitions and receiving petitions for exemptions from academic regulations.


The Faculty of Arts considers academic advising an important responsibility. The term academic advising covers a number of complementary functions related to assisting students:

  • select majors and courses;
  • ascertain whether they are meeting the Faculty's academic regulations;
  • plan for their academic future both before and after graduation;
  • and generally make the most of their talents and interests.

These functions may vary in their significance to students at different times of the academic year and at different points in a student's academic career. Other kinds of advising and counselling services are offered by offices such as Career Services, the Counselling and Development Centre, and the Office of Student Affairs.

Advising students is a shared responsibility of the departments, divisions and programs of the Faculty, the Faculty-affiliated colleges, and the Advising Centre. Students should contact these offices throughout the year for advice and information related to their academic career including academic performance, degree programs and requirements.

Student Responsibilities

Every effort is made to ensure that students in the Faculty of Arts have access to sound information and individual advice and guidance. Within this context, and within the framework of Faculty and program regulations, students are responsible for making their own choices regarding courses and programs. Students should take special care to:

  • ensure the courses they choose meet all requirements for graduation;
  • ensure the courses they choose meet prerequisites and are not exclusions or equivalents of other courses already taken;
  • ensure the times of the courses they choose do not conflict;
  • ensure the accuracy of their registration records, including all changes;
  • note and observe deadlines and procedures, especially deadlines for adding and dropping courses;
  • ensure full documentation is provided in support of petitions and other requests for special consideration;
  • keep themselves informed about their academic progress, including their performance in individual courses. It is incumbent on faculty members to make available to their students assessments of their work and, if requested, to discuss students' progress with them. By the first week of classes in the second term, in each six- and nine-credit course, all first year students must receive back at least one piece of letter-graded work. Instructors in six- and nine-credit courses are required to supply, on request and on reasonable notice, a mid-year letter grade to any first-year student before the end of January, based on the whole of the first term gradable work.

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