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2002-2003 Calendar

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Public Policy and Administration

Specialized Honours BA Program

The Department of Political Science offers a limited-enrolment Specialized Honours BA Program in Public Policy and Administration. It consists of required courses such as quantitative methods in policy analysis (statistics and research design), public law, economics, and public administration. Upon entry into the University, students interested in this program should declare a major in Honours political science.

The purpose of the Public Policy and Administration Program is to provide students with skills required for public sector employment as well as giving them a broad and liberal education. In addition, many graduates have gone on to graduate school or law school, or have found private sector employment in areas dealing with government.

As the Public Policy and Administration Program has many specific course requirements, students are strongly advised to plan their course of study in advance. Interested students should apply for admission to the program preferably at the end of their first year. Applications are only accepted in March/April of each year. Candidates must have completed at least 24 credits by the end of the fall/winter session in April. An Honours grade point average of 5.0 (C+) is necessary to be considered for the program; however, as enrolment is limited, a slightly higher GPA is generally required. Upon review of each applicant's final grades, acceptance letters are mailed in June.

Between their third and fourth years, students may have an opportunity to participate in an internship program involving supervised work in government or the private sector. Students must have completed AS/POLS 3300 6.0 in order to be eligible.

Public policy and administration students must take 66 required credits, of which at least 54 credits must be in political science. These courses are: AS/POLS 1000 6.0; AS/POLS 2040 6.0; AS/POLS 2300 6.0; AS/POLS 2610 6.0 (or AS/POLS 2100 6.0); AS/POLS 3300 6.0; AS/POLS 3600 3.0; AS/POLS 3605 3.0; AS/POLS 4300 6.0; AS/ECON 1000 3.0; AS/ECON 1010 3.0; six economics credits above the 1000 level or AS/POLS 4115 6.0; six credits at the 3000 level in administration/organization - (either AS/POLS 3190 6.0, AS/POLS 3610 6.0 or AS/SOCI 3620 6.0); and six credits in 4000-level political science courses.

Note 1: AS/POLS 2610 6.0 and AS/POLS 2100 6.0 are degree credit exclusive (students may take one or the other, but not both).

Note 2: With the written permission of the director of undergraduate studies, six credits at the 3000 or 4000 level in political theory may be substituted for AS/POLS 2040 6.0. This provision is intended primarily for students who become PPA majors after completing at least 60 credits at the University.

Note 3: Students who choose to take AS/POLS 4115 6.0 as the upper level economics requirement must take an additional six-credit 4000-level political science course (not including AS/POLS 4300 6.0) in order to satisfy the 4000-level political science major requirement. Students who take AS/POLS 4115 6.0 in addition to an upper-level economics six-credit course may count it toward the 4000-level political science requirement.

Note 4: Faculty of Arts legislation requires that, in order to obtain an Honours BA (120 credits), students must take a minimum total of at least 18 credits at the 4000 level including at least 12 credits at the 4000 level in each Honours major or Specialized Honours major.

Please refer to the current departmental/divisional supplemental calendar for updated program/major requirements.

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