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2002-2003 Calendar

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Law and Society

Note: For purposes of meeting program requirements, all foundations courses will count as six credits towards the major or minor.

Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA Program

The Law and Society Program is an Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA program. The program is housed in the Division of Social Science. Law and society majors must co-major in another department/discipline in the Faculty of Arts. Students must take at least 36 credits in the Law and Society Program and at least 36 credits in the co-major according to the requirements and regulations specified by each department/discipline for an Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA program. Courses taken to meet law and society requirements cannot also be used to meet the requirements of the departmental/divisional major. Students in these interdisciplinary programs must take a total of at least 18 credits at the 4000 level, including at least six credits in law and society and six credits in the departmental/divisional major. For further details of requirements, see the listings for specific Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA programs.

The 36 credits in law and society must include: AS/SOSC 2350 6.0 and AS/SOSC 4350 6.0. In addition, students will take at least 24 additional credits from those offered by the Law and Society Program. These 24 credits must be chosen from three different departments or divisions, and at least 12 of these credits must be chosen from the following: AS/PHIL 2050 6.0, AS/POLS 2100 6.0, AS/POLS 3075 3.0, AS/POLS 3165 6.0, AS/POLS 3600 3.0 and AS/POLS 3605 3.0, AS/SOSC 1210 9.0, AS/SOSC 1350 9.0, AS/SOSC 2330 9.0, AS/SOSC 3030 6.0, AS/SOSC 3360 6.0, AS/SOSC 3370 6.0, AS/SOSC 3380 6.0, AS/SOSC 3381 6.0, AS/SOSC 3990B6.0, AS/SOSC 3990G 6.0, AS/SOSC 3999C 6.0, or AS/SOCI 3810 6.0. Students interested in this program must arrange their program of study in consultation with the program coordinator.

Students may count a maximum of six credits of either AS/SOSC 1210 9.0 or AS/SOSC 1350 9.0 towards the Honours degree in law and society.

Students in the Faculty of Arts who complete the Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA Program in Law and Society and an affiliated department may apply to enter the Court and Tribunal Administration Program or the Legal Assistant Program offered by Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology. York students are required to complete specific courses within the Law and Society Program in order to be eligible for admission consideration to the abbreviated one year diploma program at Seneca College. For further information, contact the Advising Centre, S319 Ross, 416-736-5022, and refer to the course listings for law and society.

For information about the Seneca College Program, contact the director, Court and Tribunal Administration Program, Seneca College, 43 Sheppard Avenue East, North York, Ontario, M 2N 2Z8, 416-491-5050, extension 2816.

Students applying for admission to York University on the basis of their Seneca College Diploma in Court and Tribunal Administration would be expected to satisfy the admission requirements of the session to which they are applying.

Please refer to the current departmental/divisional supplemental calendar for updated program/major requirements.

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