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2002-2003 Calendar

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York-Seneca Joint Program in Gerontology

York University (departments of Psychology and Sociology) and Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology have a joint program whereby students interested in social service work with seniors can concurrently pursue both a BA or an Honours BA at York and a Social Service-Gerontology diploma at Seneca. For a BA, the BA/Diploma program normally requires four years of study, and the Honours BA/Diploma program five years. These programs can be completed in one year less than would be required if they were done consecutively. Application to the BA/Diploma program is made in January of the academic year in which the student expects to complete 60 credits (year of study two). Application to the Honours BA/Diploma program is made in January of the year in which the student expects to complete 90 credits (year of study three). The degree and diploma are completed together over the following two years.

For further information, contact Sandra Locke, 281 Behavioural Sciences Building, 416-736-5115, extension 66210; e-mail: slocke@yorku.ca.

Years One, Two (BA) or One, Two, Three (Honours BA)

Requirements at York

60 credits for the BA or 90 credits for the Honours BA, including general education requirements, AS/PSYC 1010 6.0 (with a minimum grade of C), AS/SOCI 1010 6.0, AS/PSYC 2110 3.0, and 12 credits for the BA or 30 credits for the Honours BA towards the declared major.

Requirements at Seneca


Year Three (BA) or Four (Honours BA)

Requirements at York

15 credits, including AS/PSYC 3490 3.0 or AS/SOCI 3850 3.0, as well as appropriate selections from the program lists (see below).

Requirements at Seneca

Courses: Fall-SWL 117 (Social Service Process), GWL 147 (Gerontology Field Work Seminar), GWL 207 (Gerontological Group Techniques); Winter-GWL 217 (Gerontological Service Methods), GWL 247 (Integrative Field Work Seminar), GWL 267 (Program Planning), Winter; GWL 257 (Gerontology Field Work - two days per week).

Year Four (BA) or Five (Honours BA)

Requirements at York

15 credits, including any required York courses not yet taken, as well as appropriate selections from the program lists (see below).

Requirements at Seneca

Courses: Fall-GWL 347 (Integrative Field Work Seminar), GWL 367 (Case Management: Practice and Issues), GWL 357 (Gerontology Field Work - two days per week); Winter-GWL 407 (Death, Dying, Grief and Bereavement), GWL 426 (Advocacy for an Aging Population), GWL 436 (Health Promotion, Stress and You), GWL 447 (Integrative Field Work Seminar), GWL 457 (Gerontology Field Work) - two days per week.

List A: Cognition and Learning

Only one of:

  • AS/PSYC 2210 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 2220 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3260 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3410 3.0

List B: Social Psychology and Human Behaviour

At least one of:

  • AS/PSYC 2120 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 2130 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3140 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3250 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3430 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3490 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3530 3.0
  • AS/PSYC 3560 3.0

List C: Health

Only six credits of:

  • AS/ANTH 3330 6.0
  • AS/PSYC 3440 3.0
  • AS/SOCI 3820 6.0
  • AS/SOCI 4300 3.0
  • AS/SOCI 4680 3.0
  • AS/SOSC 2990 6.0
  • AK/CDNS 3030 6.0
  • AK/SOWK 3300 3.0
  • AK/SOWK 3400 3.0

List D: Advocacy and Political Issues

At least one of:

  • AS/POLS 2100 6.0
  • AS/POLS 3180 6.0
  • AS/POLS 3610 6.0
  • AS/POLS 4135 3.0
  • AS/SOSC 3770 3.0

Note 1. Students may substitute equivalent courses from Glendon or Atkinson, subject to in-Faculty course legislation.

Note 2. Students may apply for the joint program from any degree program in Arts, but it will be easier for psychology or sociology majors to accommodate course requirements in their programs.

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