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2002-2003 Calendar

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European Studies

Note: For purposes of meeting program requirements, all foundations courses will count as six credits towards the major or minor.

Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA Program

The European Studies Program is an Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA program. European studies majors must co-major in another department/discipline in the Faculty of Arts. Students must take at least 36 credits in the European Studies Program and at least 36 credits in the co-major according to the requirements and regulations specified by each department/discipline for an Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA program. Courses taken to meet European studies requirements cannot also be used to meet the requirements of the departmental/divisional major. Students in these interdisciplinary programs must take a total of at least 18 credits at the 4000 level, including at least six credits in European studies and six credits in the departmental/divisional major. For further details of requirements, see the listings for specific Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA programs.

Students must complete 36 credits from the European studies list, all distinct from the courses in their other major. These European studies courses must include the following:

  • AS/HUMA 2195 9.0;
  • 30 credits, including six credits at the 4000 level, to be chosen from the list of relevant courses selected in consultation with the program coordinator.

Students must also satisfy a language requirement. They may do so by completing six credits in a European language (other than English) or by passing an approved competency test in a European language (other than English).

Note: A maximum of 12 credits in language courses will be counted towards the European studies major.


In areas where curricular resources suffice, such as France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain or Russia, students in European studies may focus on a national or regional stream. Subject to the approval of the program coordinator, students who successfully complete at least 18 credits within such a stream will qualify to have this curricular focus noted on their transcript. Thus, a student might graduate in political science and European studies (focus: Greece) or Italian and European studies (focus: Italy), or history and European studies (focus: Spain). Students who choose not to focus on a particular stream would graduate with a degree in European studies and the co-major.

Study Abroad

Students in European studies are encouraged to spend at least one academic term studying at a European university. Students will be informed of the available exchange opportunities at the beginning of the fall academic session. The level of language facility generally required is equivalent to completion of at least the intermediate level, and students are encouraged to achieve such a level. Subject to the coordinator's approval, as well as letter of permission, study abroad, advanced standing and in-Faculty regulations, courses successfully completed on such exchanges will be accepted for credit towards the major and, if applicable, towards the Stream in European studies.

Please refer to the current departmental/divisional supplemental calendars for updated program/major requirements.

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