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2002-2003 Calendar

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Courses of Instruction
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Business-Oriented Programs

(Coordinated Program in Business, Public Policy and Administrative Studies)

Students interested in administration or business may delay their choice of program until the end of their first year by declaring the Coordinated Program in Business, Public Policy and Administration. This is a specially designed entry program. Students interested in the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) are encouraged to apply directly to this program in year 1. However, those requiring a year in which to discover their interests and strengths, and to learn about other business options at York, may enter the coordinated program in year 1. At the end of that year, which provides a common set of prerequisite courses, students may apply for admission to:

  • bachelor of business administration (BBA, Schulich School of Business)
  • bachelor of administration studies (BAS, Atkinson - evening study)
  • economics and business (Honours BA, Faculty of Arts)
  • public policy and administration (Honours BA, Faculty of Arts)

or they may seek advising for a change of major to:

  • business and society (Honours BA or BA, Faculty of Arts)
  • mathematics for commerce (Honours BA or BA, Faculty of Arts)
  • another Honours BA or BA program in the Faculty of Arts

Normally, students in the coordinated program select the following set of courses among their first 30 credits in the Faculty of Arts: (1) nine credits in a 1000-level humanities or social science foundations course; (2) AS/ECON 1000 3.0 and AS/ECON 1010 3.0; (3) one of AS/MATH 1550 6.0 or AS/MATH 1530 3.0 and AS/MATH 1540 3.0 (cross-listed to AS/ECON 1530 3.0 and AS/ECON 1540 3.0), or equivalent; (4) six credits in a 1000-level natural science course, or six credits in an elective; (5) three credits in an elective.

Students may choose to remain in the Coordinated Business Program through second year if they are unsure of their choice between the four arts business-related programs listed above. It is recommended, however, that they seek academic advice from the preferred program(s) to guarantee their course selection is appropriate.

Note: Students interested in any of the programs stemming from the Coordinated Business Program are strongly advised to include calculus among their OAC credits.

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