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Presidential Regulation Number 3 - Student Discipline - Complaints and Adjudication

I. University Complaint Centre

The Vice-President (Academic Affairs) and Provost shall establish in the Office of Student Affairs a University Complaint Centre. The Centre may receive complaints concerning all aspects of student non-academic conduct, including those matters for which special procedures have been provided, shall advise complainants of the alternative forms of redress which may be available to them, and shall assist them in pursuing the form of redress preferred. The Complaint Centre shall also be a "complaints officer" within the meaning of that term in Presidential Regulation Number 2, and as such may itself process complaints.

II. University Discipline Tribunal

a) The University Discipline Tribunal shall exercise the powers delegated to it under Presidential Regulation Number 2.

b) The Tribunal shall comprise 18 members, to be appointed for staggered two-year terms by the President, including:

i) three faculty members and three students nominated by the Dean of Osgoode Hall Law School;
ii) three faculty members nominated by the Council of Masters;
iii) three student members nominated by the York Federation of Students (YFS) following consultation with all duly constituted student governments;
iv) three faculty members and three student members nominated by the Provost.

c) Nominations and appointments shall be made so as to effect a balance of male and female members on the Tribunal and, over time, among the categories. Normally, male and female members shall be nominated and appointed in succession to each other.

d) The Tribunal shall sit in panels of three members, chosen by lot by the Secretary of the University, to hear trials and appeals. At least one member of each panel shall be a student, and one a faculty member, and at least one member of each panel shall be a male and one a female.

e) In any case involving a student of Glendon College who wishes proceedings to be conducted in French, and in any other case where it may be necessary so to do, the President may appoint members ad hoc as required. The quorum requirements of paragraph d) shall apply in the case of such ad hoc appointments.

f) No one shall sit as a member of a panel if, in the opinion of the Chair of the Discipline Tribunal, there are reasonable grounds to believe that that member will not be, or be seen to be, impartial. No one shall sit as a member of an Appeal Panel who was a member of the Trial Panel which heard the matter under appeal.

g) The Chair of the University Discipline Tribunal shall designate a president for each panel from amongst its members.

III. General

a) The University Complaint Centre, the University Discipline Tribunal and all other complaints officers and local hearing officers appointed under Presidential Regulation Number 2, shall have power to adopt procedures and policies, and to make rulings and give directions, to enable them to discharge their respective functions. All such policies and procedures should be recorded in writing, approved by the Provost, acting under the direction of the President, and filed in the office of the Secretary of the University.

b) When a vacancy occurs, or insufficient members of the University Discipline Tribunal are available to act, the President may appoint additional members ad hoc to the University Discipline Tribunal.

c) The members of the University Discipline Tribunal shall meet annually in April to select the Chair for the coming academic year. The Chair shall have responsibility for ensuring the effective operation of the Tribunal. The Secretary of the University or his/her delegate is ex officio the secretary of the Tribunal.

d) The members of the University Discipline Tribunal, and of all bodies and individuals concerned with discipline, may meet from time to time to discuss general questions relating to student discipline with a view to ensuring that the system of student discipline at York is coherent, fair and efficient.

IV. The Vice-President (Academic Affairs) and Provost

The Vice-President (Academic Affairs) and Provost of the University, acting on behalf of the President, shall have administrative responsibility for the operation of the system of student discipline. The Provost shall report annually to the President on the operation of the system, and may make recommendations for its improvement.

Appendix A

1. The Sexual Harassment Education and Complaints Centre.

2. The Centre for Race and Ethnic Relations.


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