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Policy on Course Directors' Grade Sheets

After final grades for a course have been submitted in each term, it is the responsibility of the Course Director to submit to the Unit offering the course, the course grade sheet(s) (hard copy or electronic) containing students' grades for every graded component of the course, the percentage weighting of each component and the record of students' attendance where it is relevant in determining a participation mark. The grade sheets are to be kept in a designated Unit Office for no less than one year.


Many course directors at the University are part-time instructors and as such are not always accessible to students once their course is complete. In addition, many of the full-time faculty members do not teach during the summer session and they are not required to be on campus at that time. However, the bulk of petitions and requests for grade reappraisals are initiated by students during the summer months, and it is often difficult for them to retrieve the required information from their course director. In addition, the Committee is proposing a process for the consideration of deferred standing requests (new to some Faculties) in which course directors, or in their absence the Associate Dean or Undergraduate Program Director, may be directly involved with students in reaching a decision on their requests. In this process specifically, it is crucial that, in the absence of the course director, all of the information necessary to reach a decision on the request is at the disposal of either of the other two academic officers. Having the grade sheet for each course on file will greatly facilitate the petitions and grade reappraisal processes, and relieve the time-consuming burden of tracking down the required information currently borne by students, Associate Deans and Undergraduate Program Directors.


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