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Mail Services

The York University Central Mailroom is located in Curtis Lecture Hall Room 019. All mail addressed to 4700 Keele Street is received and delivered daily from the Central Mailroom. Interdepartmental and all off-campus mail are also processed from this location.

The Department of Mail Services requests that all members note the correct mailing address and postal codes for their incoming mail to ensure prompt delivery. The individual codes are:

Keele campus (all academic, administrative and college buildings): M3J 1P3
Glendon campus: M4N 3M6

York Apartment Residences:

  • 2 Assiniboine Road, M3J 1L1
  • 4 Assiniboine Road, M3J 1L2
  • 6 Assiniboine Road, M3J 1L3
  • 8 Assiniboine Road, M3J 1L4
  • 90 Atkinson Road, M3J 2S5
  • 2 & 4 Passey Cres., M3J 3K8
  • 6 & 8 Passey Cres., M3J 3K9
  • 10 Passey Cres., M3J 3L1
  • 12, 14 & 16 Passey Cres., M3J 3L2
  • 18 Passey Cres., M3J 3L3
  • 51 Chimney Stack Rd., M3J 3L9

The correct address for the University is:

York University,
4700 Keele Street,
Toronto, Ont. M3J 1P3

The correct addressing format to be used by students living in the undergraduate residences is:

Residence and room number,
York University,
4700 Keele Street
Toronto, Ont. M3J 1P3

A correct form of the address for York apartment residents would be:

Apartment number - number and name of road,
Toronto, Ont.
Postal code

A Canada Post franchise operation is located at the Keele campus in the Inkblotz Stationery store.


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