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Tuition and Education Credit Certificate

In accordance with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, the University issues tuition and education credit certificates to eligible students in late February/early March. Forms are mailed to the current address on the student account file.

Entitlements are based on the calendar year, not the academic year. For further details on the tax forms, please see the Web at www.yorku./osfs, or check the Government of Canada Web page.

Tuition Fee Credit

In accordance with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, only direct tuition fees are eligible for the tuition tax credit. Both the supplementary fees and any course material fees you pay are not eligible and will not be included in the receipt. The Office of Student Financial Services mails tax receipts to eligible students at approximately the end of February each year.

Education Benefit

In order to be eligible for the education benefit in any month, a student must be registered for at least part of the month.

For information concerning eligibility and entitlement, as well as other aspects of income tax requirements, please consult the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency's brochure "Income Tax and the Student," appropriate Canada Customs and Revenue Agency Interpretation Bulletins, or contact your local Canada Customs and Revenue Agency office.

For duplicates, contact the Office of Student Financial Services, telephone 416-872-9675.

Residents of Quebec: Normally, the University does not produce or distribute the Certificate Respecting the Exemption for Full-time Post-Secondary Studies (TP-697V) required by Revenu Québec. Quebec residents who require this form in order to complete an income tax return must provide the Office of Student Financial Services with a copy of the form and the corresponding instructions, available from a Revenu Québec office.


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