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Academic Fees

Academic fees for undergraduate students are assessed by credit. The Office of Student Financial Services publishes fees and refund tables for each academic session. It is the responsibility of the student to make themselves aware of changes in fees and financial penalties associated with dropping courses.

A current list of academic fees can be found at www.yorku.ca/osfs.

Supplementary Fees

The Ontario Ministry of Education permits universities to charge certain fees in addition to regular tuition fees. These fees are called supplementary fees. There are three types of supplementary fees: a) those which are centrally collected and part of tuition; b) those approved by student referenda; and c) associated course fees.

a) Centrally collected. Supplementary fees covering athletics/recreation, counselling, and cultural and special services are permitted and are included in the per credit fee for tuition.

b) Approved by student referenda. Supplementary fees approved by student referenda are included in the per credit fee for tuition.

c) Associated course fees. Fees for placement, learning material/clothing retained by the student, and production material for items which become student property, may be listed on your Financial statement, or may be charged locally. If you have any questions about whether a particular supplementary fee falls into one of the above categories and can be charged in addition to your tuition, contact the Chair of the department or unit charging the fee first. If, after having done so, you wish to pursue the matter further, please address your concerns to the Office of Student Financial Services, West Office Building, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, Ontario M3J 1P3.

In accordance with Canada Customs and Revenue Agency regulations, the supplementary fee component of a tuition fee payment, as well as any course material fee, are not eligible for a tuition tax credit, and therefore are not included in the Tuition and Education Credit Certificate (see Tuition and Education Credit Certificate).

Note: The procedures and charges associated with the administrative fees levied by the University are not affected by the policies governing supplementary fees.


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