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General Information

The Faculty is committed to excellence in the fine arts and defines its role and mission as follows:

  • To prepare and encourage critically informed practitioners, scholars and teachers of the fine and performing arts, who will make new and significant contributions in Canada and internationally.
  • To offer comprehensive training that integrates practical, critical, historical and theoretical approaches toward understanding and innovation in the context of a broad university experience.
  • To offer undergraduate and graduate programs in six major disciplines of the fine and performing arts: Dance, Design, Film & Video, Music, Theatre and Visual Arts, as well as interdisciplinary courses and programs leading to the degrees of BA, BA Honours, BFA Honours, BDes Honours, and in specified areas, MA, MFA and PhD.
  • To build, maintain and sustain a faculty complement of high quality, a community of scholars and practitioners in all disciplines.
  • To provide education in the fine arts to the larger University community and to advance the teaching of the arts at all levels.
  • To investigate, enliven and promote the fine arts in Canadian society while serving the varied constituencies of the community, locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Liaison and Advising Office

Guidance personnel, prospective and current students and other interested persons wishing further information about the Faculty, the University and its programs or who wish to arrange a visit to the campus may contact the Liaison and Advising Centre, located in Room 213 Centre for Fine Arts, at 416-736-5135. This office also coordinates academic and peer advising programs for new students and provides information and advice to undergraduates and faculty concerning admission, degree programs and their requirements, academic regulations and procedures and convocation.

Department Offices

Enquiries concerned with such matters as auditions and evaluations, course offerings and faculty should be addressed to the various department offices. Office locations and telephone numbers are listed in the departmental sections of this Calendar.


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