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Assessment of Students in BES Courses

(a) The course director shall assess students enrolled in each BES course in light of the requirements set at the beginning of the course as articulated in the course syllabus. These assessments shall be based on a combination of tests or formal examination(s), participation in classes, term work submitted, and other evidence as determined by the course director.

(b) Marking scheme:

i) Announcement in class:
The means of determining the final grade in a course shall be provided to students by the course director. Such information must include the types of assignments, essays, examinations, and other components, which make up the grade, their relative weight(s), and any other procedures, which enter into the determination of the final grade.
ii) Subsequent changes:
In exceptional circumstances, a previously announced marking scheme for a course may be changed, but only with the consent of all students and the approval of the undergraduate program director. The course director must distribute the new marking scheme in written form to the students.
iii) Feedback during course:
Instructors are obliged to provide a mechanism by which students can be apprised of their progress in a course. Students must be able to make an informed decision on whether to withdraw from a course. This will normally mean that students will receive some graded feedback on work worth at least 10 per cent of the course grade before the deadline for withdrawing from that course. Instructors are urged to provide more feedback where possible.

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