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BES Term Work, Tests and Examinations

Term Work:

Term work includes reports, assignments, essays, tests, and other written and oral work assigned in a course, with the exception of final examinations, as outlined in the approved course syllabus. Course directors set the deadlines for submission of term work. All term work must be submitted by the last day of classes of the term in which the course ends. Term work submitted after the last day of classes of the term in which the course ends will not be accepted for grading. Students will be penalized one-half grade point per day that their assignments are late. Exceptions to the lateness policy for valid reasons such as illness, compassionate grounds etc., will be entertained by the course director only when supported by written documentation (e.g. a doctor's letter).


Examinations may be held in any BES course in such form and manner as decided by the course director and as described in the approved course syllabus. Examinations are an essential part of the learning and evaluation process. They must be conducted under fair conditions which allow students to analyze, synthesize and demonstrate what they have learned. Disruptions or attempts to obtain an unfair advantage are offences against due academic processes and carry severe penalties.

End of Term Restrictions:

The total value of any test(s) or examination(s) given during the last two weeks of classes in a term must carry a combined weighting of no more that 20 per cent of the final mark for the course.

Scheduling of Tests:

Except where testing is conducted during individual appointments which accommodate a student's schedule (e.g. individually scheduled make-up tests), tests or examinations given during the term must be held within the hours regularly scheduled for the course in question.

Students' Rights of Refusal:

Students who are asked to write tests or examinations in contravention of the preceding two regulations may refuse to do so without academic penalty. They also have the right to raise the matter with the undergraduate program director.


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