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Grade Reappraisals

Reappraisal of Final Course Grades:

A student may, with sufficient grounds, request that a final course grade be reappraised. Such requests must be submitted on the approved form (which is available from the respective office) to the departmental office responsible for offering the course within 21 calendar days of the release of the final grade in the course. The course director shall do the reappraisal personally, or recommend a qualified person to do so to the undergraduate program director (e.g. a teaching assistant from the same course or a faculty member familiar with the course material). A reappraisal may result in a lower, higher or unchanged grade. Whenever the grade reappraisal reflects a grade change it will be annotated on the student's transcript.

Further Appeal for Reappraisal of a Final BES Course Grade:

If the student is not satisfied with a reappraised final course grade, the procedure shall be as follows:

i) The course director and the student shall discuss the matter with the undergraduate program director, who may or may not arrange another reappraisal;

ii) If the matter remains unresolved, the student may appeal the grade by petition on the appropriate form provided by the Office of Student and Academic Services to the BES Program and Admissions Subcommittee, clearly stating the grounds for appeal;

iii) The decision of the BES Program and Admissions Subcommittee shall be final, and may be appealed to the FES Appeals Committee only on grounds of procedural irregularity.

Reappraisal of Grades Other Than Final Course Grades:

If a student is not satisfied with any grade -- other than a final course grade -- received from an instructor or teaching assistant, the student is expected to discuss the matter (and at such time may request a reappraisal) with the person from whom the student received the grade, normally within two weeks. A reappraisal may result in a lower, higher or unchanged grade. If the student is not satisfied with the result of the reappraisal, the instructor or teaching assistant (where appropriate) shall discuss the matter with the course director. The course director shall decide whether or not to reappraise the student's work and his/her decision is final for all grades other than final course grades.

Deferred Standing:

In some cases, students may be eligible for deferred standing (an extension) to write a test or final examination or to complete an assignment after the Faculty's deadline for submission of term work. Senate policy states that students must request deferred standing through the department responsible for the course within one week following a missed examination or the last day to submit course work.

Students are responsible for ensuring that full documentation (medical or other) is provided in support of a petition for Deferred Standing. Application forms are available at the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building or from the FES Office of Student and Academic Services.


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