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Alternate Grading Method


Students in the Faculty of Environment Studies can request a Pass/Fail option only after completing 24 credits. Courses taken under the Pass/Fail option will be annotated on their transcript as "Pass" or "Fail." Neither of these grades will be calculated into their grade point average. The following rules apply to the Pass/Fail option:

  • Only students who have good academic standing may choose this option (i.e. above 5.0 grade point average);
  • Students are required to have completed 24 credits before requesting this option;
  • Courses taken under this option may not be used to satisfy major, minor, general education or certificate requirements or 1000-level science courses;
  • Students can take a maximum of 12 credits on the Pass/Fail option;
  • Students who intend to take a course on a Pass/Fail option must request to do so within the first two weeks of classes in the term in which the course is being offered;
  • Students are required to fill out an application form - available at the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building. The student will return the completed form with the course director's approval to the Office of the Registrar;
  • Students who select the Pass/Fail grading option can switch back to a graded option without academic penalties until the last day to drop the course.

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