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Advising and the BES Program Plan

In addition to completing the credit requirements, all BES students must also develop and maintain a Program Plan (approved by the BES program adviser). This statement is intended to guide second and third year course selection, to indicate future program objectives, and to ensure that the courses chosen keep important options open to each student. The Program Plan also ensures that students meet the requirements of their theme concentration and the credit requirements of the BES program.

The BES program adviser organizes advising sessions in the required courses of the BES program in order to assist students with the development of the Program Plan. At the end of ENVS 1200 6.0 in their first year of study, students write the first version of their Program Plan - a concise statement of their theme concentration - in conjunction with the BES program adviser. At the end of the second year students write a more extensive statement of their educational objectives in ENVS 2010 6.0, Methods in Environmental Studies I. Advising for students' final Program Plan, including their Senior Honours Work proposal, takes place in ENVS 3011 3.0, Methods in Environmental Studies II. The undergraduate program director, the BES program adviser, and each student's senior Honours Work Supervisor approve both the final Program Plan and Senior Honours Work Proposal.


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