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Ontario Certificate of Qualification

The Ontario Certificate of Registration certifies that the holder is qualified to teach in Ontario elementary and secondary schools. The basic and additional qualifications of the teacher are recorded on a second form, the Certificate of Qualification. The Certificate of Qualification will be updated as the teacher acquires additional qualifications.

The regulations require a candidate to earn basic qualifications in two consecutive divisions during the pre-service teacher education program. To teach in the Intermediate Division one must have completed courses in one teaching subject, and in the Senior Division two teaching subjects, selected from an approved list.

Programs of the Faculty of Education provide courses leading to the Ontario Certificate of Qualification and basic qualifications for the Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior Divisions.

Certificates to teach in Ontario schools are issued by the Ontario College of Teachers on the recommendation of the Dean of the Faculty of Education. All information in this Calendar about regulations with respect to certification is subject to change by the Ontario College of Teachers.

Basic Qualifications

P/J Program: Qualified to teach classes in the Primary and Junior Divisions (Grades JK to 6).

J/I Program: Qualified to teach classes in the Junior Division and academic and general subjects in all four years of the Intermediate Division (Grades 4 to 10).

I/S Program: Qualified to teach academic and general subjects in the Senior Division and all four years of the Intermediate Division (Grades 7 to 12/OAC).

Note: the divisions of the school are defined as:

Primary: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3
Junior: Grade 4 to Grade 6
Intermediate: Grade 7 to Grade 10
Senior: Grade 11 to Grade 12/OAC

For further information, please see the Faculty of Education Pre-Service Teacher Education Handbook.


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