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1. Course Withdrawals: Candidates may withdraw from any Education course without receiving a grade, if they do so by the published withdrawal dates. Candidates who withdraw from an Education practicum/seminar, or from any course in the Consecutive program, however, should note that they will be required to re-apply for admission to the Faculty of Education if they wish to resume their Education program. To withdraw from an Education course, candidates must report their intent to the Faculty of Education Office of Student Programs in accordance with the published withdrawal dates. Those who withdraw from a course after these dates are normally deemed to have failed it and receive a grade of "F".

2. Program Withdrawals: Candidates who withdraw from the Faculty of Education, and who are registered in the Concurrent program, may transfer their accumulated Education credits to their academic Faculty subject to the rules and procedures of that Faculty. Any grades so transferred are then subject to the regulations governing maintenance of standing in their academic Faculty. Candidates must report their intention to withdraw both to the Faculty of Education Office of Student Programs and their academic Faculty.


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