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Withdrawal from a Session:

You are considered officially withdrawn from the academic term or session and from the University after you drop your last course via the York Enrolment System (YES). Your official student record at the University is then annotated to indicate that you have formally discontinued your studies in a given program and academic term or session.

Discontinuation of studies/non-attendance of courses does not constitute official withdrawal for purposes of regulations and fee adjustments.

Ignorance of the regulations or proof of other activity does not constitute grounds for retroactive withdrawal.

In the case of withdrawal, the Office of Student Financial Services will use the date of notification or the date you dropped your courses to compute the amount of fees owing or to be refunded.

Readmission After Withdrawal:

Normally, students who withdraw from a term or session and who wish to attend a subsequent session may request reactivation through the Office of the Registrar, West Office Building. Students who attend another institution without obtaining a Letter of Permission, must reapply for Admission and supply supporting documentation where necessary. Students who withdraw from their first session at York without having completed any courses, may request Reactivation within one academic year. If longer, student is required to reapply for Admission.

Tuition Refunds After Withdrawal:

Refunds for withdrawal will be based on the University Refund Table, which is available on the Web at www.yorku.ca/osfs or in the Undergraduate Lecture Schedule.

Note: Students may not withdraw from any course(s) in which a charge of academic dishonesty is being considered against them or in which they have been found guilty of academic dishonesty. Students who are found innocent of a charge of academic dishonesty may continue in the course and may request that someone other than the instructor grade their work. Alternatively they may withdraw from the course(s) in question without academic penalty by informing the Faculty Dean's Office in writing.


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